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Roofed Right America's PVC flat roof systems are the most durable and weather resistant, making them especially crucial in extreme temperatures. Businesses across Wisconsin and throughout the country benefit from a sturdy PVC system. PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is 100% recyclable and energy-efficient material, which also provides maximum durability. 

These sturdy roof tops are built to withstand extreme temperatures, physical stress and corrosion from everyday wear and tear.  These heavy duty commercial roofs provide years of long lasting, reliable roofing for any business.  Our PVC rooftops resist damage from harsh weather and do not puncture or tear easily.

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Waterproof PVC Roofs

Roofed Right America offers excellent waterproofing services for PVC flat roofs. Waterproofing your roof is critical to maintaining its lasting quality. Severe leakage can cause your business to temporarily shut down, costing you more money in the long run. 

Business owners looking for a strong rooftop to give them the most for their money rely on Roofed Right’s PVC roofing systems.  These high quality flat roofs are the most watertight and are the longest lasting system.  PVC rooftops require the least amount of maintenance, saving businesses money on flat roof repair.

Our team of commercial roofing contractors also keeps repair costs down by using an elastomeric coating called Neogard to repair problematic areas of your roof. This waterproofing membrane creates an extra shield for your rooftop, protecting the interior of your building from leaks and costly structural damage. It can be applied after a new roof installation or to repair a specific area, saving you money. The Roofed Right America team has perfected Neogard application techniques. You can rest assured the newly coated roof will not suffer from leaks, even if water accumulates on your roof.

Professional PVC Roof Maintenance

If your PVC roof does become damaged over time, professional roofers at Roofed Right provide quality flat roof maintenance services.  We will inspect your commercial flat roof for free and evaluate exactly what needs to be done to ensure a stable rooftop for your company.  Our experienced roofing contractors will then raise any sagging areas and repair rips or tears in the roofing material to keep the PVC flat roof watertight and dependable.

PVC and other flat roof systems are susceptible to severe weather. Flat roof inspection is crucial to preventing serious damage from leaks, cracks and holes in the roofing system. Getting your PVC roof inspected yearly is recommended to maintain its energy-saving and weather resistant properties. 

PVC Flat Roof Gallery

Roofed Right America’s experienced contractors provide PVC flat roof installation services for industrial and commercial buildings across the country. Our PVC flat roof gallery demonstrates the top of the line roof installation services from Roofed Right America. The business’s rooftop was heavily damaged from tough Wisconsin weather and required a completely new roofing system. Our professional roofing contractors installed a brand new PVC roof, giving this business a stronger and more reliable system.

There are several situations where a PVC might be more appropriate than other roofing solutions. Although good water drainage is desirable in all rooftop situations, it may not always be present. In these "dead-level" applications where ponding water may occur, over the life of the roof PVC systems will maintain watertight integrity better than TPO systems. PVC has better inherent fire resistance than TPO. Although UL fire ratings can be obtained with PVC and TPO systems, a TPO system may require a more extensive (and costly) assembly than a PVC system to achieve the same fire rating. Mechanically attached PVC systems are easier to handle and seam in cold weather. While many types of systems are heat-weldable, PVC chemistry makes rooftop application viable in all climates year-round. Because the material is easy to handle and weld, PVC manufacturers are better able to prefabricate components and accessories (e.g., stacks, curbs, etc.) in a factory setting. For building owners interested in "Green" issues, PVC roofing membrane can be recycled at the end of its installed life.

PVC membranes have proven their versatility, quality, and low life-cycle costs through more than 40 years of performance on buildings of all types in varying climates worldwide. Building owners and specifiers like the peace of mind that comes from using a product with a long track record of real-world performance. Another key parameter is that PVC retains its weldability for its entire service life, allowing new membrane to be welded to the older membrane at any time. Fire performance is also a critical performance criterion in a roofing system. Because PVC membranes are inherently fire resistant, they outperform other roofing systems in resisting the spread of flames.

PVC membranes are versatile and therefore lend themselves many different applications. For example, there are PVC roofs t

Single ply PVC roofing contractors complete installation on commercial building

hat simulate metal roofs as well as solar-integrated roofing systems that combine PVC membranes with flexible solar panels. In addition, there are PVC membranes available with a factory-applied adhesive that provides a zero-fume and volatile organic compound (VOC)-adhered roof. Because of the factory application of the adhesive, there is also tremendous labor savings for the roofing contractor in the installation. PVC membranes are also used for plaza deck and green roof applications and are the only membranes available that have passed the most stringent tests for root resistance, including the German FLL and Swiss SIA 280 standards. Finally, a new non-penetrating membrane attachment system is being introduced that uses induction heating to weld the PVC membrane to vinyl-coated plates used in the mechanical attachment of the underlying insulation. This unique system will provide labor savings to the roofing contractor and unique design benefits to the specifier and building owner.

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