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Cedar Roofing

Treated Wood Shakes & Shingles Installation

Many wood shakes and shingles have been replaced by the composition or asphalt-based shingles. Nevertheless, wood shakes and shingles are still widely used on commercial structures and residential houses. We are commercial contractors in New JerseyWisconsin and Texas providing affordable cedar roofing and installation for commercial facilities across the U.S.

Shingles are sawn from wood blocks; they are tapered and generally have a relatively smooth surface. Shakes are split from wood blocks; they are less uniform in thickness than shingles, are sometimes grooved, and frequently have a little taper. Shakes may be split and then sawn (from top edge corner to the opposite bottom-edge corner) to provide taper as well as a relatively flat side, which is turned away from the weather during installation. Shakes have a rustic appearance.

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Cedar Roofing Installation Summary

Protecting wood from decay is of primary importance. Failure from decay can occur in less than 10 years, and failure from weathering, though slower, is an accumulative process. Refinishing with semitransparent stains will reduce weathering. Stains containing preservatives can also be used to protect the wood from decay. Caution: Manufacturers’ application and safety recommendations should always be followed because wood preservatives if used improperly, can be toxic to humans and plants. Humans, animals, and vegetation should be protected from drippings and run-off from the roof or gutters. Learn more step-by-step instructions for Cedar Roof Installation!

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