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Commercial Roofing Installation & Replacement

Using only industry best materials Roofed Right America installs and replaces roofing systems such as:

infrared thermal roof scan analysis

Knowing what leaks/damage your roof has is key to making sure you have the most cost-effective solutions. Roofed Right offers thermal imaging roof inspections to breakdown where the problems are coming from and what needs to be done to keep your building protected.

If you are interested in learning how much it costs to get your thermal roof inspection and commercial roof repair, give us a call today!

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Commercial Roofing Maintenance

Keeping your roof in top condition is an important part of ensuring your business runs smoothly and efficiently. Leaky or otherwise damaged roofs lead to costly repairs and also pose serious safety hazards within your building.

Our annual maintenance services include:

  • General Cleaning and Debris Removal
  • Inspecting Edging and Flashing Components
  • Repairing Rips, Holes or Separated Roofing

We offer comprehensive maintenance services, so your roof is in optimal condition year round. For all your commercial roofing needs, rely on the experienced team at Roofed Right America.

Solar Panel Installation on Commercial Roofing Systems

Roofed Right America has had the privilege of installing solar panels on roofing systems for forward thinking, high profile companies around the country. Check out our past solar projects.

Commercial Roof Warranty

After installation of a new commercial roof, our team stands behind our work. We pay extra attention to detail when installing a new roofing system to ensure your roof is covered under the manufacturer's warranty. Our team will come out to your facility and repair or replace the area causing problems no matter what issues arise. Read More

Roofed Right America also offers a price match guarantee. We want all our customers to be 100% satisfied with their new roofing system. There are differences between the concepts we teach and what you may perceive about the general roofing industry:

  • We will respect you and your needs - always offering solutions in YOUR best interest
  • We will educate you about what your current problems are and the potential positives and negatives about each type of roofing system

Call our commercial roofing contractors at Roofed Right America for a FREE quote now!


Accredited Commercial Roofing Contractors

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