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Coakley Brothers

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Location: Downtown Milwaukee

Materials: Sarnafil PVC G410 Self Adhered membrane - Fully adhered - Full tear-off. Water tower is a great feature. Restore ipda os

Crew Members:18 people

Manhours:1,800 hours

Conditions, Strategies & Results

Coakley Brothers

When the Coakley Brothers contacted Roofed Right America they had a roof suffering from age and lack of regular maintenance. Replacing roofing systems that have not been maintained properly is a challenge not every company is equipped to handle. Roofed Right has extensive experience working with complex buildings with structural damage and all the challenges they bring. The most immediate concern was the persistent leaks that prohibited other renovations throughout the building. The Coakley Brothers were looking to revamp the space to include offices, event spaces and showrooms; they chose Roofed Right to best protect their investments from the elements.

Pre-job Conditions

Previously the system was a flat built-up roof with a smooth finish and wooden decking that had not been replaced or maintained for some time. The existing low-slope roofing system deteriorated to the point of requiring a complete roof replacement. Leaks occurring over the entire installation were damaging structural components of the building itself. Repairs were attempted several times by other companies, none to the complete satisfaction of the owner. The decking under the bitumen was severely rotted and in very bad shape. Roofed Right was chosen to completely tear off the old decking and smooth built-up roof and replace it with a watertight solution to prevent further damage.

Strategies and Results

Roofed Right designs tapering systems in-house, something very few other companies are able to do. This was instrumental in handling the massive amounts of water that had previously leaked through the membrane and decking into the interior. Our designer fabricated a unique tapering system for each of the three roofs to more efficiently direct any water on the roof to the correct retrofit drains so as not to let them overflow and to prevent standing water. Cover board installed on top of the ISO acts as another layer of protection against further leaking and damage to the tapering system. The Coakley Brothers chose to have a fully adhered PVC membrane, an excellent decision based on longevity and ease of maintenance.

Roofed Right is committed to fitting our customer’s buildings with exceptional roofing systems and regular upkeep programs.

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