Flat Roof Waterproofing

A leaky roof can cost thousands of dollars in damage to a business, reducing annual overhead while inviting unnecessary headaches and complications for business owners. Business owners with a leaky roof need a trustworthy and dependable commercial flat roof contractor to provide the excellent services their business requires, so they turn to Roofed Right America, the best commercial roofers.

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Custom Commercial Flat Roof Waterproofing

The professional commercial roofers at Roofed Right are committed to providing our customers with high-quality, long-lasting waterproofing services. Whether your business needs to install a completely new commercial building waterproofing system, or simply repair leaky spots, to raising areas where water accumulates, trust in the skills and knowledge of the American commercial flat roofing specialists at Roofed Right will get the job perfectly.

We realize a “one size fits all” approach doesn’t fix every customer’s problem. Our commercial roof waterproofing services are specifically developed and personalized to each of our customers. We start by fully inspecting the roof of your business for damage, leaking spots, and potential future problem areas to guarantee a completely waterproof roof. We then implement one of our high-quality flat roof waterproofing systems, such as EPDM rubber roofing, TPO roofing systems, PVC roofing or modified bitumen flat roofing systems to create a long-lasting, watertight roof sure to last for years to come.

Our flat roof waterproofing services also help with managing snow during the long, cold winters. Our waterproofing membranes keep snowmelt from damaging your roof while darker roofing materials, such as EPDM rubber roofing and modified bitumen roofing, absorb sunlight and assist in melting the snow at a quicker rate. Many business owners utilize Roofed Right America’s commercial roofing maintenance services to ensure their roof drains are cleaned and ready for the winter snowmelt.

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Waterproofing Roof Coatings

Since it isn’t always an option for businesses to replace the whole roof, we also use high-quality roof coatings, which provide protection from harsh weather.

Flat roof systems are exposed to all types of hazards. Some of the most common things roof systems are heavily affected by include:

Some flat roofing systems are more susceptible than others to being punctured or torn, resulting in leaks or other structural issues. Even the lightest amount of foot traffic from things like having your HVAC system tuned yearly can negatively impact your commercial roof. Available for an assortment of roof types, a waterproof coating from Roofed Right America will increase the overall durability of your roof, and fix any problematic leaks, without having to replace your entire rooftop.

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