PVC Roofing

Roofed Right America's PVC flat roof systems

PVC has a reputation for durability, chemical resistance, and is more resistant to weathering and punctures. Businesses across Wisconsin and throughout the country benefit from a sturdy PVC system. PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a 100% recyclable and energy-efficient material, which also provides maximum durability. Our PVC rooftops resist damage from harsh weather and do not puncture or tear easily.

PVC Roofing Sheets

There are several situations where a PVC roof might be more appropriate than other roofing solutions. In low-slope/flat roof applications where ponding water may occur over the life of the roof; PVC systems will maintain watertight integrity. PVC membranes are inherently fire resistant making it a cool roofing material, slow to catch or spread fire, and is self-extinguishing when the source of the heat or flame is removed. PVC roofing membrane is more flexible than TPO and is sometimes preferred due to ease of handling in colder weather. Another key parameter is that PVC retains its weldability for its entire life, allowing new membranes to be welded to the older membrane at any time.

PVC Roofing Installation

Roofed Right America’s experienced contractors provide PVC flat roof installation services for industrial and commercial buildings across the country. One perk of PVC membranes is their versatility and appearance that lend themselves many different applications. For example, PVC roofs that simulate the look of metal roofs as well as combined PVC membranes with flexible solar panels. The unique design of PVC can be modified to meet many different roofing needs.

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Waterproof Roofing Material

Roofed Right America offers excellent waterproofing services for PVC flat roofs. Severe leakage can cause your business to temporarily shut down, costing you more money in the long run. PVC rooftops require the least amount of maintenance, saving businesses money on flat roof repair.

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