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High & Low-Slope Roofing

Commercial, Pitched Roof Installation, Replacement, & Repair

Metal Sloped Roofing Contactors

We're experienced in high and low-slope commercial roof replacement, installation, and repair. Our roofing contractors specialize and are certified in asphalt shingles, cedar roofing, slate roofing, tile roofing, and sheet metal roofing. We have locations in Milwaukee, WI; Saginaw, TX; and Clifton, NJ - we offer sloped roofing services in all the surrounding states.

The most common types of sloped roofs:

We'll provide everything from inspection and maintenance to installation of an entirely new pitched roofing system.

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Roofed Right has done it again! They’ve provided top-quality service along with top-quality products. Both price and response times have been very reasonable, especially during these challenging times when materials and labor are are so difficult to coordinate. Khary is an excellent leader and clearly cares about his work. Jerry is also a great PM and gets the job done. I highly recommend Roofed Right. They do it all and do it right.

-Tim H

Commercial Sloped Roof Contractors Provide Services Nationwide

For great customer service with high-quality results, America trusts Roofed Right for sloped and flat roof services. A faulty installation or rips and tears can lead to costly repairs. Regular maintenance is the best way to maintain the integrity of your roof and building.

An unchecked leak can cause serious damage such as mold, rotting frames, destroyed installation and ceiling damage. The experienced professionals at Roofed Right will execute any size job with proper installation techniques for the highest protection your building needs. From regular maintenance to replacing an entire roof, we provide you with exactly what you’re looking for. For all your roof repair, maintenance and replacement needs, Roofed Right has you covered.

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Low Slope Roof Materials

Roofed Right America offers several materials for sloped roofs including asphalt, cedar, slate, tile, and sheet metal. Asphalt shingles represent the most affordable option for homes or businesses with sloped roofs. Asphalt shingles can last between 15-20 years depending on the climate. High heat and humidity will deteriorate asphalt shingles more quickly than other roofing materials. Slate and tile offer the longest-lasting roofing material with the most rustic appearance. Slate was commonly used on buildings from the late 1800s to the early 1900s. The natural beauty and the craftsmanship required for a proper installation make slate a premium roofing material. Cedar shingles and shakes offer a traditional, rustic appearance for homes or businesses. Cedar roofing requires chemical treatment to improve weatherproofing and reduce the chances of rot. Sheet metal roofing offers a high degree of customization and can be shaped to fit complex roof shapes. Metal roofing is extremely resistant to harsh weather and offers high insulation properties and increased home value.



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