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Bitumen Roofing Contractors

Roofed Right has experts installing and replacing flat roofs, especially bitumen roofing. Bitumen is a popular roofing material due to the efficient application of sheets, a lifetime of 20+ years, and durability to extreme conditions.

Our bitumen roof systems include:

The Salvation Army located at 4129 West Villard Avenue 53209, recently had our roof repaired. The 'Project Manager' Mr. Nestor Ramirez and his team did an amazing job at our site. The manager and his team were very professional and respectful to our team. We would definitely recommend him and his team to work on any of The Salvation Army's property. Thank you for doing such a great job.


-Captain Patricia Williams

Bitumen Roofing

Our team has worked to construct an assortment of bitumen roofing projects. Our experienced flat roofers can completely tear off the old roof and install a durable modified bitumen system to keep your building in excellent condition. If you want to learn more about those view our bitumen roofing gallery.

BUR System

With nearly 150 years of experience and proven performance, BUR systems are still preferred by many building owners and operators, especially if they have an inventory of BUR systems in place. In new construction, BUR roofs account for roughly 15 percent of the market. Roofed Right USA’s contractors have experience with installing modified bitumen flat roofs to withstand heavy foot traffic and extreme weather.

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Structural & Construction Considerations

There are important considerations when choosing a bitumen roofing system. Low-slope roofing can be important for water control. Modified Bitumen requires a taper below 0.5 inches per foot, hot bitumen membranes meet Class-A fire resistance and are considered most durable of the surfacing options. Combining a modified bitumen system with a UV Topcoat can greatly extend the life of the roof.

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Bitumen Waterproofing and Maintenance

We provide high quality modified bitumen roof waterproofing and maintenance services to avoid costly repairs on your commercial building. If we find rips, tears or holes in the roofing material, we will quickly restore the damaged areas and give you a watertight rooftop once again.

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