Solar Rooftop Installation

Roofed Right has helped install roofing for solar rooftop farms for large buildings such as the MATC-Truax campus. Our experts are able to make sure your solar rooftop is durable and prepared for the elements which are bound to come.

Roofed Right offers installation of Singly-Ply Roofing, Fluid Applied Roofing, and Bitumen Roofing options for your rooftop. If you are curious about what will work best for your solar rooftop, contact us today!

Solar Rooftop Benefits

Rooftop solar panels obviously have many pros:

  • Save money on electricity costs
  • Create renewable energy
  • Attract environmentally friendly residents and clients
  • Avoid power outages with off-grid power systems
  • Take advantage of environmental tax credits
  • Increase your property value

But there also some cons to be aware of:

  • High upfront costs
  • Solar panel material is expensive
  • Difficult to find the right company to help

The Largest Rooftop Solar Installation in Wisconsin

MATC partnered with Roofed Right and Madison Gas and Electric to take on a huge solar panel project. The MATC Truax campus set to complete Wisconsin’s largest solar panel installation. It was no small undertaking though, the project cost $3 million and was 1000 times larger than the first installation from 2002.

Check out our case study on MATC-Truax campus solar rooftop.
  • 8 acres in total
  • 12 sections
  • 5700 panels
  • Can power the Buildings 100% for 3 hours
  • Operates at 1800 kw
  • Will save about $200,000 annually in electricity
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