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Fluid-Applied Roofing

Roofed Right America supplies and installs fluid-applied (liquid-applied) roofing for commercial buildings in TexasNew JerseyWisconsin, and across the United States. Fluid-applied roofing is a popular waterproof flat roofing option many businesses across the nation are adopting due to its cost and advantages. 

Why choose liquid-applied roofing:

  • Protects roof membranes for more durability
  • Reflects solar radiation to lower energy costs
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"Ryan and Jerome from Roofed Right were both great to work with on our larger apartment building project. They communicated well throughout the project, and finished in a very timely manner at a very attractive price. I have already recommended, and will continue to recommend, Roofed Right to others. Thanks guys!!"

-Eric Seegers

Liquid Roofing Systems

Coatings are applied by airless spraying, rolling, or brushing. Due to the variety of roof coating types, climate conditions and surfaces to be coated in America, it is important that the roofing contractor consult the manufacturer for proper application rates and related recommendations.

Fluid-Applied and Sprayed Roof Systems:

Waterproof Roof Coating

There are many layers in a waterproof roof coating. A primer is useful for improving adhesion between roof surfaces and coatings or for imparting additional properties to the roof coating systems. The main coating has variability depending on your uses.

A white coating is a popular option in liquid roofing systems due to its UV Protection. White coatings can be applied to practically any roofing membrane or system. The reflective white mix consists of a binder blended with pigments and other additives.

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Liquid Waterproofing Membrane

Binders are usually made of an organic compound or silicone compound. Most binders are elastic polymers with elongation and tensile characteristics, or elastomers, which have the ability to return to their original shape after being stretched or deformed. In white coatings, the elastomer binder is the viscous, pliant material that bonds the pigments and makes them adhere to the surface.

Permeability of Water-Proof Roof Options

Many white coatings are waterproof but some are not. The property of permeability (perm rating) to liquid water, water vapor, and gases varies greatly, depending on the type of coating.

  • Acrylic coatings are breathable, which means they have a high moisture vapor transmission rate or permeability.
  • Silicone coatings are also classified as breathable types
  • Butyl rubbers, hypalons, and neoprenes have a very low permeability, i.e., they are highly resistant to moisture transmission.

Commercial Roofing Maintenance

To maintain their reflectivity, roofs may need to be periodically refreshed with a new topcoat.The maintenance schedule depends on the type of coating, type of roof, the purpose of the coating, and regional climate differences. Typically, white coatings should be refreshed every three to seven years. Northern America roofing climates tend to require more frequent refresher coatings because of the harsh winters.

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