American Commercial Flat Roof Maintenance, Waterproofing, and Green Roof Installation


American Commercial and Industrial Roofing Contractor

Maintaining a weather tight, high quality commercial or industrial flat roof is essential to any business. Roofed Right, the best American commercial roofing contractor, offers superb flat roof services throughout the United States, including:

  • Flat roof maintenance
  • Repair
  • Cleaning
  • Waterproofing
  • Green roofing installation
  • Inspection services for businesses and manufacturing facilities 

Roofed Right utilizes the highest quality commercial roofing products to deliver durable and dependable services. No matter what your needs are, trust in the experience and training of America's best commercial roofers at Roofed Right.

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Green Roof Design and Installation in America

American green roofs are a great way to improve the energy efficiency rating of your place of business while acquiring money-saving energy tax credits. Roofed Right installs unique, energy efficient American green roofing systems for commercial and industrial buildings.

We utilize high quality flat roofing materials, such as 100% recyclable TPO roofing products, to ensure a renewable roofing system capable of increasing the visual appeal of your building while reducing your monthly energy expenses.

Our American roofing contractors provide a wide variety of options for your energy efficient roof. We also offer professional roof maintenance services to help keep the roofing system in excellent condition through years of wear and tear. Trust Roofed Right to give you a roof to save money on your energy bill and yearly taxes.

American Commercial Roof Waterproofing

Roofed Right’s waterproofing services are designed to prevent water from leaking through the roof and threatening the structural integrity of your roofing system. Count on our expert American roofing contractors to keep your business water-free and save money in roof repair costs.

Water damage is one of the most destructive and expensive issues any business can face, especially if these issues involve a leaking flat roof system. Keep your American commercial or industrial roof watertight and impervious to the elements by partnering with Roofed Right for all your local flat roof waterproofing needs, including:

We inspect roofing systems for damage and leak threats to best determine the right solution for your business. Some of our quality waterproof roofing systems include EPDM rubber, TPO and PVC roofing.

We also utilize Neogard elastormeric coatings for waterproofing your existing flat roof. Neogard coatings create a durable shield for your rooftop, protecting the interior of your building from leaks and structural damage. This roof coating has been in use for over 80 years, with a long history of quality. Roofed Right has perfected the application techniques, so you can rest assured your newly coated roof will stand up to the various natural elements found around the United States.

American Flat Roof and Commercial Roof Maintenance Services

Roofed Right, the best flat roof maintenance specialists in the United States, have been providing businesses all across the United States with superior industrial roofing repair, cleaning, and inspection services. We provide high quality flat roof repair and maintenance services for any roofing system we install. We won’t charge a fortune to remove debris, clean gutters and fix damaged roof areas.

Annual inspections and cleaning services ensure your American flat roof will stay in top shape year round. Roofed Right offers free American commercial roof inspection quote services to guarantee your roof is ready for another winter.

Roof Installation Services in the United States

At Roofed Right we take upon demanding tasks ranging from extremely complex and deadline-sensitive State of Wisconsin roofing projects to institutional work on national historic buildings which demand artisan craftsmanship. Our roofing systems are as wide-ranging as our project-experience: we offer all types of roofing products, from the most time-revered of Bitumenous Roofing to the latest in Fluid-Applied and Polymer-Composite Systems. Every installation we perform includes not only the most fervently-researched products from trusted manufacturers, but also the most important part: the time and effort of the skilled roof-mechanics we send to you. Nothing any roofing company can offer you can compare in importance to the skill and experience of the roof contractors working on your roofing project. Their attention and love for their work is what stands between the forces of the natural elements and your valuable property.

Roofed Right provides energy efficient, quality commercial roof installation services for businesses all across the United States. We install a wide variety of commercial roofing options from economical TPO roofs to durable modified bitumen roofing systems. Our experienced contractors will get the job done quickly and efficiently, with an emphasis on total customer satisfaction.

EPDM Commercial Roofs

Roofing with EPDM Rubber (ethylene propylene diene monomer Class-M) is the most popular choice for commercial roofing in America. EPDM provides your business with a long lifespan and incredible reliability. Roofed Right uses only the highest quality EPDM materials. Our commercial roofing contractors quickly and efficiently install energy efficient rubber roofing on any sized commercial building.

EPDM roofing does not emit any rubber odors or fumes, making them an excellent choice. A new rubber EPDM roof also lowers heating costs during winter and qualifies your business for American energy tax credits.

Our roofing experts have installed top quality EPDM roofing across the United States, notably the University of Wisconsin Whitewater library roof. Rely on Roofed Right for an energy efficient, watertight, quality commercial EPDM roofing system.  

Commercial TPO Roof Systems

TPO roofing (Thermoplastic Polyolefin) is the most cost-efficient roofing option, and is built with 100% recyclable materials. These roofing systems are environmentally friendly, and will qualify your building for American tax credits. The TPO membrane is made from plastic and rubber materials which are naturally resistant to UV and chemical exposure damage. Our professional commercial roofing experts will install a new, high quality TPO commercial roofing system quickly and efficiently, ensuring a durable, watertight roof.

Rofed Right is experienced in repairing and installing new TPO roofing systems. We will give your business a completely waterproof flat roof, using high quality materials and providing regular maintenance. We will raise parts of your roof to prevent water buildup, which can lead to leaks and replace old leaky systems with a brand new TPO roofing system.

PVC Flat Roofing Installation

PVC roofing systems are some of the lowest maintenance, most durable commercial roofing systems available. These systems are durable and long lasting, even in the harshest weather conditions. A PVC roof installed by our experts is guaranteed to be an excellent investment and last your business for many years.

The low maintenance costs of the PVC flat roof make it an excellent option for American businesses. The seams are highly resistant to punctures and tears, making PVC an excellent choice for high traffic rooftops. In addition to flawless installation by our roofing experts, we also provide annual maintenance and inspections, ensuring your newly installed flat roof system will stay in top condition, even through the bitterly cold American winters and humid summers.  

Modified Bitumen Commercial Installation

Modified bitumen roofing is an asphalt based roofing system designed for a wide variety of different building construction styles. Roofed Right is available to install modified bitumen in single, double or multi-ply roofing systems. No matter which system you choose, modified bitumen features superior waterproofing characteristics, incredible durability and doesn’t shift or creep in hot weather. Our team will also install a waterproofing membrane specifically designed to keep snow from building up and causing problems.

Our commercial roofing contractors will install modified bitumen roofing systems in a range of styles and options, including colored mineral surfaces, gravel, or reflective “cool roof” coatings. We can also install your roofing system using a variety of techniques including:

  • Torch Applications
  • Hot-Mopping
  • Self-Adhering Sheets
  • Industrial Grade Adhesive

Update your roof and rely on the experts at Roofed Right to install a high quality new modified bitumen roofing system on your business. 

Contact the America's best commercial roofing contractors at Roofed Right for more information regarding our superb American flat roof repair, installation, and inspection services.

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