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The types of Urethane Fluid Applied Roofing Systems utilized by Roofed Right America share the following qualities which are excellent for applications in diverse roofing markets:

  • High solids polymerized urethane formulas
  • Prolong lifespan of existing roofs
  • Save high cost & inconvenience of roof tear off & disposal
  • Recommended for protection of weathered smooth or granule surfaced modified bitumen, built-up asphalt, metal, EPDM, PIB, CSPE, CPE, PVC and SPUF roofs
  • Superior elongation, cold flex, adhesion, impact resistance
  • Highly resistant to hail, standing water, oxidation, acid rain and harsh industrial environments
  • Safer application -- no torches or molten asphalt
  • Self-leveling feature ensures completely seamless, attractive new waterproofing membrane
  • Highly maintainable surface means cost-effective life cycle
  • Reflective coating ensures continuing energy savings

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Urethane application prepThese polymer-modified products are most commonly installed on concrete substrates, such as parking decks or on wood substrates. Urethanes can be one- or two-component formulations and typically are applied to metals and other roofing products. Our Milwaukee-based roofing company has worked on urethane systems throughout Wisconsin and across the nation.

A Urethane Seamless Roof Coating is a liquid, the polymer enhanced elastomeric urethane roof coating manufactured from a high solids content of premium quality polymers, urethane resins, virgin rubber, and asphalt, finely milled blue-black slate and other proprietary chemical additives which extend performance. Excellent bond adhesion, elongation, cold flex, impact resistance and resistance to standing water, acid rain, and harsh industrial environments make it ideal for use in restoring weathered roofs. Urethanes can be used on smooth and granule surfaced single or multi-ply bitumen roofs, smooth or granule surfaced asphalt bur roofs, metal, PVC, EPDM, PIB, CSPE, CPE and SPUF roofs. They are excellent in both complete waterproofing systems or as a spot repair material for special trouble spots.

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