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Infrared Roof Inspection

Water damage, mold, and severe structural damage can all start with damage to your roof. It is important to make sure you have the most detailed inspection of your roof so you know if you have leaks and where they are coming from. Roofed Right uses infrared roof inspection to accurately diagnose any issues or leaks in your current roof and provide the most cost-effective solution. Talk to our experts to learn more! We have locations in Texas, New JerseyWisconsin and nationwide. 

Thermal imaging roof inspection technology

Cheap commercial roofers who are stuck in the past are using the old drill and see method. That is right, they drill and cut 1 ….or multiple…. test sections into your roof and then see if there is any damage to that area. These roofers repeat this process until they think they understand where the damage is.

Roofed Right uses infrared moisture surveys to get an accurate and comprehensive summary of where your roof may be leaking. Our sky shots allow our experts to see your roof and building from different angles so they know where to start.

Roof leak thermal imaging benefits:

  • Provides a more comprehensive look at leaks
  • Doesn’t destroy your roof if nothing is wrong
  • Informs the structural designs for the new roof replacement
  • Offers an honest look at your roof’s flaws

Infrared roof scan cost

Infrared roof scanning is becoming the most popular commercial service offered by Roofed Right USA. The cost of an infrared roof scan depends on a few key factors:

  • Your location
  • The size of your building
  • The permits needed in your locality
  • The surrounding area

If you are interested in learning more specific pricing feel free to contact us for a free quote! Our experts would be happy to help you have a better understanding of how we can help.

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