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General Sheet Metal Roof Repairs

If you need any kind of roof repair for your commercial building,

Then make sure to find a sloped roofing company with the right knowledge and experience to perform proper repair services. The roof over your head is a crucial part of the workplace, so those in charge of repairing it must be equipped with the right material, procedure, and preparation. Roofed Right America has over 20 years of expertise when it comes to architectural sheet metal roofing systems. We provide dedicated customer care and a promise to deliver long-lasting repairs for your metal roof at an affordable price point.

How to tell if you are in need of roof repairs:

Trusted Roofing Contractors

By ignoring an issue with your sheet metal roof, you increase the risk of more severe structural damage, putting the entire building in jeopardy. After decades in the roofing business, our experts have seen and fixed it all. We will provide any sort of roof repairs you may need for your metal roof.

We service roofing needs across the country and have 24-hour emergency services in the United States.

Metal Roof Repair Milwaukee

The Roofed Right repair team understands how critical the situation may be when you call us for a repair. Your building is an important place, which is why we work endlessly to complete all repairs efficiently and affordably with only the best materials. Although we’d love to hear from you again, we conduct our business to ensure you won’t be calling us any time soon for another roof repair.

Our expert roofing crew is ready to work on any problem with your Sheet Metal roofing system, including:

How to Patch your Metal Roof?

A sheet metal roof is one of the most durable roofing solutions for your commercial building. However, no roof constantly battered by harsh weather and other conditions is going to be spot-free. Whether it is because of rust, hail, or even a tree branch, your metal roof is bound to face minor damages at some point during its long lifetime. Luckily, a hole or tear in the sheet metal is a really simple fix. It only takes a few easy steps with the right materials.

  • Remove any debris and clean the repair area
  • Scruff the metal with a wire brush
  • Measure the area and cut a patch of sheet metal at least a few inches past the edges of the damaged spot
  • Apply sealant onto the repair area and press down the patch
  • Attach the patch to the surface of the metal roof panel and use sheet metal screws to secure it down
  • Paint the patch to match the color of the roof

If the roof has suffered significant damage, get a professional to examine the situation and perform the required repairs.

How to patch a metal roof

Is Your Roof Repair Covered by Insurance?

There’s always a chance your insurance might pick up the bill for any repairs, so before you reach out to us, talk to your insurance company and tell them the issue you are facing. They will be able to look over your policy and suggest the best next steps for any roof repairs and replacements.

Insurance or not, it’s important to get multiple estimates for a repair before making any decisions. Estimates should always be in the same ballpark, so if one seems too good to be true, it probably is.

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