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Commercial EPDM Flat Roof Maintenance

Keep your commercial and industrial EPDM membrane in top shape year-round.

Our flat roofing care professionals provide commercial roof maintenance services to businesses and facilities around the country. Since EPDM rubber roofs, similar to other single-ply roofing systems like TPO, are subject to seasonal damage, it is important to have a roof maintenance plan to ensure that your EPDM or TPO membrane remains and energy-efficient. Learn More about our RRA Roof Maintenance Program!

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Flat Roof Maintenance Services

Cleaning and maintaining your EPDM roof can greatly extend the life of the membrane. A traditional Roofed Right EPDM roof lasts around 50 years, but without proper inspections and maintenance, it may not hold for its entire lifespan. In addition to our inspections, we also provide preventative maintenance services to keep your roof clean:

  • Removal of debris and foreign materials like tree branches, abandoned equipment or parts, and leaves.
  • Washing the roof with water and a diluted solution of water and a biodegradable cleaner.

We also provide premium flat roof waterproofing services to keep your roof functioning properly. Whether your company wants to construct a whole new commercial building waterproofing system, fix leaky places, or raise areas where water gathers, you can trust the expertise of Roofed Right's American commercial flat roofing professionals.experienced roofing contractors will examine your roof to determine the problem and find the best solution for your business.

Commercial Roof Inspection

We provide a variety of roof maintenance services including general cleaning and debris removal, inspecting edge metal flashing components, cleaning drains and gutter systems, and repairing damaged areas, such as holes, rips, and split or separated roofing material components.

How to maintain an EPDM roof:

  • Check EPDM membrane for soft spots, separations, wrinkles, cuts or punctures, moisture spots, or any damage from roof traffic
  • Check edges and seams for shrinkage. 1-2% shrinkage in the membrane is normal.
  • Check key areas: cap/base flashings, edge metal, penetrations, ballast, adhesives/coatings, and the field of the roof
  • Check cap flashings for loose areas, deformed metal, cracking, and missing joint covers
  • Check edge metal for loose areas, corroded metal, missing sections, and open joints
  • Check base flashings for continuous adhesion, closed seams, and undamaged material
  • Check Penetrations for proper securement, adhesion, pitch pockets, and seal

Preventative Roof Maintenance

We recommend that you have your EDPM flat roof inspected 1-2 times a year depending on its conditions. In addition, you should also have your roof inspected and maintained after having work done on your roof like HVAC repair/maintenance, and also every time the membrane is exposed to severe weather like hail, heavy rain, or strong winds.

  • Keep the roof clean and free of debris.
  • Keep drainage systems clear and functional.
  • Train maintenance personnel in the dos and don'ts of single plies.
  • Restrict roof access to authorized personnel only.
  • Limit penetration of the roof system for later equipment installation.
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