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Commercial Shingle Roofing Company in Clifton, NJ

With a focus on our sloped roofing expertise, Roofed Right America offers shingle roofing services for commercial establishments in Clifton, NJ. We work hand-in-hand with our commercial clientele to choose the right roofing materials and ensure top-notch results for each project. Whether it's repairs, maintenance, or new shingle roof installations, our method merges artistry and modern techniques, crafting shingle roofs designed to last.

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Types of Shingle Roofing for Commercial Roofs

Roofed Right America employs premier materials and trusted brands in the realm of commercial shingle roofing. Our team boasts extensive experience working across a broad spectrum of commercial shingle roofing types, ensuring excellent outcomes for projects of all kinds.

Asphalt Composition Shingles for Commercial Roofs

Affordable and widely employed in commercial roofing scenarios, asphalt shingles are a favored choice for businesses, medical centers, nursing homes, retail establishments, and multi-family housing units in Clifton. While the repair and replacement of asphalt shingles are straightforward, meticulous installation remains paramount. 

The proper placement of asphalt shingles on a sloped roof demands attention to details such as chimneys, valleys, structural joints, and penetrations to ensure optimal and enduring results – so when it comes to the correct and diligent installation of asphalt shingles for your commercial property, trust none other than Roofed Right America. Opting for anything less could result in costly future consequences.

Asphalt roofing shingles for Commercial roofs in Clifton, NJ
Architectural sheet metal roofing on commercial building in Clifton, NJ

Architectural Sheet Metal for Commercial Roofs

As a swiftly growing choice for commercial roofing, architectural sheet metal not only enhances property value while reducing energy consumption in Clifton, but it also boasts a longer lifespan than standard shingle roofing. The robust nature of metal roofing enables it to withstand the rigors year-round. In reality, metal roofs often surpass a lifespan of 60 years – more than triple the longevity of conventional asphalt roofing.

Commercial metal roofing styles:

  • Vertical seam
  • Stone-coated
  • Imitation asphalt
  • Imitation wood shake
  • Smooth panel

Cedar Roofing for Commercial Properties

Cedar shingles are crafted by sawing wood blocks into tapered pieces to achieve a mostly smooth surface. Cedar shakes, however, are created by splitting wood blocks to reach subtly varying thicknesses. Cedar shakes may also include grooves and a gentle taper. Sometimes, shakes are both split and sawn to achieve tapering and a relatively flat side, which is then oriented away from the elements during installation. This approach to cedar shake roofing results in a charming and rustic appearance.

Regular maintenance is especially crucial for cedar roofing. With more than a decade of experience, Roofed Right America stands as the ideal choice for inspection, repair, and installation of cedar-sloped roofing for commercial properties in Clifton and beyond.

Cedar shake roofing on commercial building in Clifton, NJ
Slate roofing tiles installed on commercial building in Clifton, NJ

Slate and Tile Roofing for Clifton Commercial Roofs

Recognized as the most elegant and durable of sloped roofing materials, slate and tile roofing adorn many of Clifton's historic roofs. Proper conservation of slate and tile is paramount to retaining the charm and personality of these structures. When appropriately installed and maintained, slate and tile roofs have a lifespan of 60-125 years, influenced by factors such as slate type and roof design. In certain noteworthy cases, specific slate variations have life spans beyond 200 years.

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