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Calvary Baptist Church

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Location: Milwaukee, WI

Materials: PVC, POLY-ISO, CDX Plywood

Conditions, Strategies & Results

Calvary Baptist Church

When the facilities maintenance staff of Baptist Calvary Church called, we knew we had a great project in front of us. The church has an inspiring profile and an important architectural style that makes a big statement to the surrounding community: that is why we wanted to contribute an equally unsurpassed roofing system.

Project Conditions:

There are a few features that we found challenging, namely the roof-to-wall termination recessed under the overhang of the structure. Since we have such tremendous snowdrifts here in Milwaukee, the tendency is for the drifts to build up in sheltered places such as these. We designed a system of gray tinted PVC roofing membrane, removed all of the wet insulation and roofing materials and then installed a mechanically-attached a POLY-ISO insulation system directly to the decking surface to act as a substrate. Our GAF Materials Corporation brand PVC single-ply roofing membrane was then mechanically-attached over the insulation system. At the roof-to-wall terminations, we installed CDX Plywood up all walls, adhered the membrane up, and terminated with double-sealed termination bar and then ground a reglet-insert counter-flashing metal into the masonry which covered the whole assembly.

With hot-air welds at all the seams in the thermoplastic roofing system, you can be sure that this church will be watertight for quite some time, but the addition of a manufacturer’s warranty from the biggest roofing products manufacturer in North America put all fears to rest.

Strategies and Results:

Our crews were on this project (the first of several buildings we waterproofed for the church and its affiliates) for about six days and every day one of the crew members would say something complimentary about the architecture of the church: it is by far the best modern design we have seen in the Milwaukee area! Needless to say, we remain proud of this project and love to work with people who are proponents of such forward-thinking designs.

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