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Commercial Roof Maintenance in Milwaukee, WI

The commercial roof maintenance specialists at Roofed Right America provide comprehensive commercial roof maintenance and inspection services for commercial roofs across Milwaukee. Given that flat roofs inevitably endure seasonal wear and tear, scheduling annual commercial roof maintenance and inspections are an effective way to keep your commercial roof weather-resistant and energy-efficient.

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Preventative Maintenance for Commercial Roofs

Never worry about roof wear-and-tear when you partner with Roofed Right America for regular roof maintenance. Our roof maintenance service in Milwaukee includes:

  • Debris removal
  • Drain and gutter cleaning
  • Edge metal
  • Flashing inspection
  • Repairs of holes, rips and splits

During regular maintenance, we can also conduct preventative measures like roof washing and waterproofing to protect your commercial flat roof to an even greater degree.

Inspections for Commercial Flat Roofs

If you’re unsure about the health of your flat roof, schedule a commercial roof inspection with Roofed Right America – our stringent checklist provides a comprehensive evaluation of your roof’s integrity to keep you informed and give you peace of mind.

What We Look for During a Roof Inspection

Roof Inspection TaskDescription
Check key areas. Evaluate the cap/base flashings, edge metal, penetrations, ballast, adhesives/coatings and the roof field.
Check cap flashings. Ensure cap flashings aren’t loose, cracked or missing joint covers.
Verify edge metal. Investigate whether edge metal is loose or corroded. Check for missing sections and open joints.
Inspect base flashings. Determine if base flashings have adhered and have closed seams with no damage.
Examine penetrations. Verify penetrations have proper securement, adhesion, pitch pockets and seal.
Evaluate the roof field. Check the roof field for protruding parts, damaged areas and open seals.

Steps to Keep Your Commercial Roof Healthy

We recommend regular roof inspections to proactively prevent significant problems – however, alongside an annual assessment, it's essential to examine your roof for damage after extreme weather conditions such as hail, heavy rain and strong winds. Similarly, after any roofing work, like HVAC maintenance, ensure a thorough inspection to maintain your roof’s integrity.

Here are a few things you can do to protect your commercial roof:

  • Keep the roof clean of debris
  • Keep drainage systems clear and functional
  • Restrict roof access to authorized personnel only
  • Limit penetration of the roof system for later equipment installation
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