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Pewaukee Village Hall and Police Station

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Location: Pewaukee, WI

Conditions, Strategies & Results

Pewaukee Village Hall and Police Station

In the winter of 2006, a friend of one of our workers called and asked if we could spare our best crew to complete a rather difficult project: several other contractors had begun the work but had walked off the job on him. We agreed to help him and thus began another Roofed Right America miracle.

Project Conditions:

The project was already loaded with materials and the general contractor had begun to keep a watchful eye on the roofing portion of the project: having different crews come in and out tends to make them nervous. We knew we were walking into a potential minefield but we also count on our dedicated foremen and crews to turn tough situations around quickly.

With a keen-eyed general contractor looking for excuses to start trouble (the previous roofers had some serious safety problems), we sat our crew down and discussed a special safety plan for the job and brought the general contractor up to speed with what we planned to do for him to address his concerns.

Strategies and Results:

Once the project started, we put everyone at ease: our crews were tethered-off on safety harnesses and the jobsite was overseen by our Safety Monitor. The work proceeded and although difficult, was going smoothly. The system called-for a cross-vented nailable insulation system mechanically-attached to the roofing surface. On a steep and dangerous project of this magnitude and as highly visible as it is (Main Street in Pewaukee), we were especially careful to do a safe and beautiful job.

The project turned out to be a success, our worker's friend was happy, and the general contractor and the building owner were left with a project which performed as planned! Call us now so we can make the same pledge of excellence to you.

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