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Truax Madison MATC

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Location: Madison, WI

Materials: JM 60mil TPO - Largest rooftop solar in the state - Elevate UC-3 Mechanically seamed standing seam

Crew Members: 45 people

Manhours: 7,800 hours

Conditions, Strategies & Results

Truax Madison MATC

Madison Area Technical College installed its first solar-powered system in 2002 that operated at 1.2 kilowatts. However, they have been working on something more massive recently. MATC partnered with Roofed Right and Madison Gas and Electric to take on a huge solar panel project. The MATC Truax campus is set to complete Wisconsin’s largest solar panel installation. Roofed Right was happy to be part of making the world a little more eco-friendly. It was no small undertaking though, the project cost $3 million and was 1000 times larger than the first installation from 2002.

Upon completion of the solar roof at MATC, a ceremony was held to honor these massive accomplishments. Attended by Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes, Roofed Right’s Ricardo and Khary were honored alongside representatives from MGE and MATC when the switch for the solar roof got turned on. To note the significance of this work Tony Evers named January 16 as “Madison College Solar Energy Day” by gubernatorial proclamation. Moving into a new world of green, this rooftop has some incredible power:

  • 8 acres in total
  • 12 sections
  • 5700 panels
  • Can power the Buildings 100% for 3 hours
  • Operates at 1800 kw
  • Will save about $200,000 annually in electricity

Teaching a New Generation

One of the most amazing parts of this entire project was the ability to work with students on the different parts of the project. Some of the students were able to get hands on technical experience beneficial to those seeking careers as roofers, electricians and architecture. Renewable energy is the power of the future and these students can go on to continue to develop the world into a more environmentally conscious one. Since turning on the switch, MATC-Truax has been giving consistent tours with one running every single week for the first few months. This accomplishment sets the standard for other businesses to go green. Hopefully, more companies can make the change and Roofed Right LLC will be there to get the job done.

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