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Milwaukee roofing contractors install affordable flat roofs for commercial buildings.Wisconsin’s Best Flat Roofing for Commercial and Institutional Buildings

Flat roof installation and repair should be fast, affordable, and keep your building weathertight for years to come. Roofed Right America, headquartered in Milwaukee, WI, is America's top roofing contractor, providing flat roofing systems with competitive prices and unmatched craftsmanship. Keep reading to find out why Roofed Right is the best roofing company in Southeastern Wisconsin.

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All Types of Flat Roof Systems

Roofed Right offers a variety of high quality flat roof systems to fit any business’s requirements.  We repair roofing systems to function as intended or install entire new systems to create reliable, watertight rooftops.  Our excellent commercial flat roofing services include installation or repair of:

  • EPDM Roofing
  • TPO Roofing
  • PVC Roofing
  • Modified Bitumen Roof Systems

Durable EPDM flat roofs are installed quickly and efficiently.  Flat roofing materials for the EPDM flat roof systems are available in a variety of fabrics and thickness to customize your roofing structure.  These rubber roof systems are waterproof and designed to provide long lasting roofing for your business. 

Environmentally friendly TPO flat roof systems are built to reduce energy bills for business owners. The sturdy materials are designed to absorb heat during the winter and reflect heat in the summer to cut down energy costs.  TPO flat roofing materials are 100% recyclable and approved by the state for Wisconsin energy tax credits.    

Tough PVC flat roof systems are specifically designed to be long lasting and extremely durable.  This low maintenance flat roof is constructed with weather resistant materials to protect the roof from outside damage like cold weather, snow, or ice. 

High quality modified bitumen flat roofing systems provide the most waterproof rooftops for businesses.  These asphalt-based rooftops stay strong during cold weather and do not shift in the heat.   Modified Bitumen flat roofing can be installed with a wide range of techniques. 

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Infinity Commercial Roofing contractors build the highest quality flat roof systems.Flat Roof Waterproofing from Roofed Right

Flat roof waterproofing services ensure leak free roofing systems for your business.   Our professional custom flat roof waterproofing contractors will reliably repair individual leaky areas or completely replace old, damaged commercial roofing with entire new systems. 

Roofed Right's commercial roofing contractors build efficient waterproofing systems.  Materials used for our reliable waterproof flat roof systems also manage snow buildup during the winter.  We use protective membranes to prevent snow and ice damage, and dark materials underneath to melt the snow as it accumulates.

In some cases, replacing the entire roof isn’t necessary or cost effective. If this is the case, we use Neogard roof coatings. This product repairs existing leaks and prevents new ones from forming, without needing to replace the entire roof. Neogard elastomeric coatings create watertight seals for an assortment of commercial roofing types. 

A waterproof coating will increase the durability of your roof and stop any existing problematic leaks. A professionally installed Neogard coating provides excellent protection and quality repairs for your commercial roofing system. Roofed Right provides excellent flat roof waterproofing services, which include:

Energy Efficient Flat Roof Installation

Roofed Right's roofing contractors provide excellent energy efficient flat roof installation.  Green roof systems are built with environmentally friendly materials like the recyclable TPO building supplies and require regular maintenance to stay in great condition.

Green flat roof installation from Roofed Right is approved for Wisconsin Energy Tax Credits.  Our flat roof contractors use only building materials certified and approved by the government to guarantee high quality energy efficient roofing systems.  These building materials save business owners money on energy bills by reflecting heat in the summer and absorbing heat during the winter.

Infinity Commercial Roofing Milwaukee contractors install energy efficient, waterproof roofing systems.

Roofing Maintenance American Businesses Rely On

Flat roof maintenance services keep roofing systems in excellent condition for years.  Our experienced contractors professionally clean, maintain and repair flat roof systems.  Roofed Right's experts clean out drains and gutters, remove debris from rooftops and repair any areas damaged with holes or separated roofing materials.

Flat roof repair by Roofed Right makes roofing systems durable and long lasting.  Our professional contractors are experienced in a variety of services.  Expert flat roofing services include waterproofing, energy efficient roof system installation and roof maintenance.  We repair EPDM roofing, TPO roofing, PVC roofing and modified Bitumen roofing. 

We offer free flat roof repair quotes on-site to examine commercial roofing systems for potential threats.  Having a yearly roof inspection is important to keeping your roof functional and protected from costly damages. 

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Our experienced commercial flat roofing contractors install a variety of roof systems for businesses.  Each type of roofing provides its own specific strength.  Roofed Right's roofing contractors help you choose the best roofing system for the building and reliably repair or install these flat roof systems with the best materials.

Milwaukee Commercial Flat Roofing Contractors Serve Businesses Nationwide

The professionals at Roofed Right are committed to providing you fast, affordable roofing services nationwide. We specialize in residential and commercial roofing and can complete even the toughest of jobs. Our solid track record with happy satisfied customers is what we strive on. Our knowledgeable roofers can ensure proper installation and they will make sure to maintain a clean, safe jobsite. We can help improve your business and ensure that your valuables are properly protected from harsh weather. Regular roof maintenance can seem like overkill, but it is very important because mold can be hard to spot and it grows very fast when a leak is present. Our team can handle any size job, contact us today to schedule an inspection with one of our roofing specialists. 

Explore all our roofing options:

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