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John Gralton

To whom it may concern,

In 2005 I had just purchased a large commercial building for my expanding business with the understanding that that roof would need replacement. Of several specialized contractors I had visit my new facility, none seemed more interested in my best possible outcome than the wonderful people at Roofed Right America. The entire process was relaxing in that they spoke respectfully to my maintenance manager and did not try to "sell" me a specific type of roof before they asked about my needs. Most of the other companies I had out to examine the project told me, before they stepped onto the roof or asked what I wanted, that I needed a GBUR roof or a "rubber" roof or whatever, it seemed, that they make the most amount of money in installing!

My decision was to apply new insulation board and a thermoplastic roof of Johns Manville 60 mil PVC over the roofing surface after removing the wet insulation and roofing materials that were on the existing roofing system. My decision was based on the research that I had done after being advised by the great consultant at Roofed Right America. I had instructed that, being a financially-minded person and very "planned capital expenditure" driven, I wanted a roof with a predictable service lifetime of around 20 years with a preventative maintenance schedule designed for my maintenance staff in conjunction with a roofing provider. The predictable manner in which this type of roofing system ages and the ease of maintenance made it a perfect choice for me.

Of all of the companies offering their services, Roofed Right America was the only one to bring not only a great investment price but also the competent staff of quality-driven leaders in whom I could trust the valuable contents of my building during the project. The care they provided during the project was everything I was expected and any issues that came up during and after the project were professionally and quickly addressed in the same courteous manner as the original installation. After the installation I chose to remove some HVAC units and utility runs over the surface, during which I had Roofed Right America re-inspect the roof surface and even install new skylights over my production area.

Roofed Right America regularly stays in contact with my staff to perform inspection work and proactively check-in with our facility in case we have any issues: I couldn't be happier with them and gladly offer myself as a reference as a testimony to their ethical standards and professionalism.

- John Gralton


Commercial Roofing Installation & Replacement

Using only industry best materials Roofed Right America installs and replaces roofing systems such as:

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