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Quality Assurance Program

Performance and aesthetics. Every roof should do more than just keep the rain out. It should look great, too. While most homeowners know a good looking roof when they see one, many do not know at a glance whether a roof has what it takes to give long term performance. At Roofed Right America our primary concern is how well your roof performs. That is why we have developed our Quality Assurance Program. We are one of the only roofing companies in American to offer this type of service program to all of our customers.

Once Roofed Right America has installed a new roof, you can rest assured that it will perform reliably for years to come. We use nothing but the highest grade materials and the most experienced labor. Even still, extreme weather and normal shifting and settling can often create small changes in the roof after application; changes that can adversely affect the roof's performance years after these conditions occur. Many times it can take years for signs of a problem to appear on the inside. More often than not these problems can be resolved quickly and easily during an inspection of the roof after a period of time.

Roofed Right America's Quality Assurance Program calls for an inspection of your roof one year following the completion of the installation. The inspection will be scheduled when you are invoiced for our work and you will be given a reminder call one year later to schedule the inspection work. The inspection and any minor repairs will be performed FREE OF CHARGE. For further information on what is covered, please consult the "Limitations" section of your Roofed Right America's Limited Warranty Documentation.

Commercial Roofing Installation & Replacement

Using only industry best materials Roofed Right America installs and replaces roofing systems such as:

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