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Milwaukee Commercial Roof Replacement

Request a quote for your commercial roof replacement in Milwaukee. We provide commercial roof replacements for flat roofing and sloped roofing. Our fully licensed commercial roofing contractors provide free, detailed estimates for a fully transparent process. We also price match to ensure you get the best value. Enjoy industry-leading warranties on new commercial roofs, the highest quality materials, and expert installation.

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Commercial Roof Replacement Contractors in Milwaukee You Can Trust!

We’re trusted commercial roof replacement contractors in Milwaukee, committed to providing our customers with fair pricing, reliable warranties, and transparency from start to finish.

  • Free, Transparent Estimates:
    We offer detailed job quotes that encompass all associated charges.

  • Price Match Guarantee:
    We guarantee to either match or surpass bids from competitors offering the same services.

  • Accredited Roofing Contractors:
    Our contractors possess complete credentials and coverage to ensure your protection.

  • Warranties:
    We provide extended warranties on labor and materials for new commercial roofs.

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Benefits of Replacing Your Commercial Roof

Commercial roof replacement offers numerous benefits. Here are five key advantages:

  • Enhanced Energy Efficiency
    Newer roofing materials and technologies often provide better insulation and energy efficiency. This can lead to reduced heating and cooling costs for the business, contributing to long-term savings on energy bills.

  • Increased Property Value
    A new roof enhances the overall value of the commercial property. Potential buyers, tenants, and customers are more likely to be attracted to a building with a well-maintained and recently replaced roof, leading to a higher resale or rental value and business traffic.

  • Improved Safety and Compliance
    An old or damaged roof poses safety hazards, such as leaks, structural issues, and the potential for mold growth. By replacing the roof, business owners ensure the safety of occupants and comply with building codes and regulations to avoid potential legal issues.

  • Extended Lifespan and Durability
    New roofing materials are designed to be durable and resistant to weather elements. A commercial roof replacement can extend the lifespan of the roof, reducing the frequency of repairs and maintenance. This not only saves money in the long run but also minimizes disruptions to business operations.

  • Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal
    A new roof can significantly improve the overall appearance of a commercial property. This is important for creating a positive impression on customers, clients, and visitors. A well-maintained and visually appealing exterior contributes to the professionalism and credibility of the business.

Signs It’s Time For a Roof Replacement

Identifying signs of roof damage early on is crucial for maintaining the integrity of a commercial building. Here are four signs that suggest a commercial roof may need repair:

  • Leaks and Water Stains
    Interior water stains or visible leaks on the ceiling are clear indicators of a roof issue. Water infiltration can lead to structural damage and compromise the safety of the building. Identifying leaks promptly is critical to prevent further damage.

  • Visible Exterior Damage
    Inspect the roof's exterior for visible signs of damage, such as missing or damaged shingles, cracks, blistering, or sagging areas. Any of these issues could be indicative of a compromised roof structure and may require immediate attention.

  • Pooling Water
    Flat or low-slope roofs may experience water pooling after rainfall. Prolonged water accumulation can lead to deterioration of the roofing material and compromise the roof's ability to shed water. If water is not draining properly, it may be a sign of a drainage issue that needs to be addressed.

  • Increased Energy Bills
    A sudden spike in energy bills without a clear explanation, such as a change in utility rates, could be linked to a compromised roof. Damaged roofing materials may result in reduced insulation and energy efficiency, causing the heating or cooling systems to work harder to keep indoor temperatures comfortable.

Average Lifespan of a Commercial Roof In Milwaukee

The expected lifespan of commercial roof types in Milwaukee's climate are:

Built-Up Roofing

20-30 years

SBS Modified Roofing

20-30 years

APP Modified Roofing

20-30 years


20-30 years


15-30 years


20-30 years

Fluid Applied

10-30 years


40-70 years


15-30 years


20-25 years


75-100+ years

Green Roofing

30+ years

Commercial Roof Replacement Cost in Milwaukee, WI

Commercial re-roofing projects in Milwaaukee range from $5.50 - $12 or more per square foot for most flat roofs. Many factors influence the exact pricing specific to your property's needs. The cost of replacing your commercial roof depends on several key factors:

  • Size of the roof

    Larger roofs require more materials and labor hours, which increases overall cost.

  • Type of roof

    Different commercial roofing materials have a range of costs. For example, metal roofs fall on the higher end while TPO and EPDM roofs are more affordable. The slope of your roof also impacts costs.

  • Roof feature additions

    Adding skylights, HVAC curbs, tie-ins with existing solar panels or greenery, etc increases pricing. The complexity of your desired roof system influences costs.

  • Accessibility

    A difficult-to-access commercial roof due to height or other obstructions will cost more for equipment rentals and rigging. Easy access reduces labor time.

  • Tear-off services

    Removing and disposing of an old roof adds expense compared to installing over an existing roof. Tear-offs also allow inspection for problems.

  • Time of year

    Demand spikes in warmer months, so you may save on labor costs by scheduling a commercial re-roofing in colder months. Rush deliveries of roofing materials also add costs.

  • Permits & code upgrades

    Some commercial roof permits, inspections and code compliance updates add to the bottom line. We help navigate those requirements.

Are Roof Replacements Tax Deductible for Businesses in Milwaukee? 

Navigating the intricacies of tax deductions for roof replacements in Milwaukee, or any city, demands a nuanced understanding. Typically, the expenditure on a business's roof replacement falls under capital expense, eligible for depreciation over several years as a capital improvement. Potential incentives or deductions may emerge for those opting for energy-efficient or eco-friendly enhancements. Given the dynamic nature of tax laws, it is imperative to engage with a seasoned local tax professional or adept accountant in Milwaukee. Their insights will furnish the most precise and current information, tailored to the idiosyncrasies of the business and accounting for any distinctive local incentives or shifts in tax regulations.

Make Your Roof Replacement Last with Affordable Roof Maintenance 

Roofed Right America offers thorough commercial roof maintenance and inspections tailored for businesses in Milwaukee, WI. Our specialized services prove especially advantageous for commercial flat roofs enduring year-round exposure to the elements. Emphasizing the importance of an annual maintenance and inspection schedule, Roofed Right America strives to strategically uphold the condition of Milwaukee's commercial roofs.

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