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Metal Roofing Gallery

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Metal Roofing Gallery

Roofed Right employs a team of supervisors and metal roof installers with years of experience, in providing custom metal roof installation and maintenance in Wisconsin. Years of experience and on-the-job knowledge have granted us a keen insight into the best roofing materials for specific jobs and which products will deliver the best solutions. When it comes to the sheer amount of diversity of roof designs, we are the best in Wisconsin in terms of our wide variety. See some of the work on metal roofing installation & repairs! For more information on this service, click here.

Next Roof Type: ACM Panel Siding

Characteristics Metal Roofing

Lower maintenance thanks to its strength and durability

Strength against strong winds: 120 MPH

Long service life: 40-70 years

Counter hot weather: Keep off infrared, visible and ultraviolet rays

Commercial Metal Roof Inspections in Wisconsin

The American roofers at Roofed Right offer roof inspections for metal roofs on churches, barns, restaurants, grocery stores, car shops, banks, and any commercial property. Depending on the condition of your roof visual inspections occur 1-2 times per year. Visual inspections can prevent the spread of any corrosion, fading, rust or scruffing. Prevent costly roof repairs with a coherent roof management plan and frequent roof inspections. 

Metal Sheet Roof Maintenance

Although metal roofing is one of the most durable roof systems available, regular maintenance will help prevent any major structural issues. Roofed Right roofing contracts help you wash, fix loose panel reams, remove any debris like tree branches and keep drayage systems clear from your metal roof. We also offer metal roof waterproofing services to keep your building in great shape throughout the year. 

Metal Roof Maintenance

How to tell if you are in need of a metal roof repair:

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