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Green Roof Installation Gallery

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Green Roof Installation Gallery

Green roofs continue to grow more and more popular as people search for sustainable roofing solutions. Roofed Right believes in sustainable roofing and is here to help. Our roofing experts design, install and repair green roofs for commercial buildings. You tell us your vision and we work with you to get it done. We know the best design methods and plants to make your roof green. We install completely extensive green roofs and partial green roofs.

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The Many Benefits of a Green Roof

Living roofs are good for you, your building, and the environment. Green roofs come with a host of benefits:

  • Reduces rainwater run-off (especially good for cities)
  • Purifies air
  • Reduces surrounding air temperature
  • Regulates building temperature
  • Saves energy (and you money)
  • Can increase roof lifetime

Top Blue Roof System Installers

Roofed Right performs blue roof installations to help your building mitigate rainwater. In the city, rainwater runoff can be a major issue and can lead to flooding or water damage. Blue roof systems are becoming a popular choice for mitigating rainwater runoff on commercial buildings. Blue roofs utilize a system of detention ponds to collect and retain rainwater. Over time the water evaporates or is released at a steady rate that eliminates runoff damage. Blue roofs help to reduce sewage backups and water problems in cities. Contact us if you have any questions or an idea for your blue roof system.

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