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Commercial Roof Galleries by Material



  • Least expensive roofing solution for commercial roofs
  • Highly flexible, even at low temperatures and harsh conditions
  • synthesized elastomeric polymer used to make EPDM commercial roofs is tough and durable

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TPO Roofing

  • Made of a recyclable material, and most common commercial roof installed
  • Economical, heat reflective and easy to repair
  • Considered cool roof product and will lower cooling bills by reflecting heat away

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Modified Bitumen

  • Can handle harsh cold winters without becoming brittle
  • Ideal for commerical flat roofs with many penetrations for service equipment
  • Made from asphalt and modifying agents makes it extremely durable and easy to repair

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  • PVC is a damage resistant roofing material capable of withstanding years of contact with chemicals and other corrosive waste.
  • Require almost no maintenance during their life offering worry-free solution
  • Save on energy costs with white reflective finish

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