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Campbell's Soup Company

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Location:Milwaukee, WI

Materials:GAF TPO, PolyISO, 22 Gauge Stainless Steel Roof Edge Coping

Conditions, Strategies & Results

Campbell's Soup Company

Located near the General Mitchell International Airport, the Campbell’s Soup Supply Company provides the raw flavors for every Campbell’s Soup plant in the world. With only two dedicated weeks to do scheduled maintenance during a planned shutdown of the entire facility, it was imperative that the major roofing project over the facility be performed within the allotted time.

Pre-job Conditions:

The existing roofing materials were 20,000 square feet of 2” of dry perlite insulation covered by a four-ply Gravel Built-up Roofing System (GBUR) with SBS modified bitumen flashings. The roof was beginning to show signs of failure including flashing deterioration, blistering and splitting.

We decided to install two layers of 1.5” PolyISO insulation mechanically-attached to the steel roof decking with a 60 mil GAF TPO thermoplastic membrane with robotically-welded seams. An additional problem was that the existing concrete coping was deteriorated and cracked: we decided to install new 22 Gauge Stainless Steel roof edge coping on all roof edges.

Strategies and Results:

With rain in the forecast for the first six days of the plant shutdown, things were not going as planned. We gathered our Operations Manager and foremen together to decide how we could remove and reroof 20,000 square feet of difficult roofing in less than 10 days. Our team at Roofed Right America has certainly faced challenges before, but we determined that to meet this deadline while maintaining a safe, quality installation new measures needed to be instituted.

Our crews worked from the first day of clear skies until the project was completed in a little under 6 working days! The Operations Team is convinced that the early-morning project-tasking meetings performed with the entire crew was the determining factor in completing this in such a manner. Our crew did not rush, cut corners on safety or quality to complete the project: it was the communication of expectations and the great attitude exuded by our leaders and crewmembers that let us finish on such a positive note!

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