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Plano Commercial Roofing Services

Preventative Roof Maintenance

Reinforce your commercial flat roofing structure with Roofed Right maintenance management plans. Neglected roofs rarely reach the end of their life expectancy, which means costly repairs or full replacements sooner than necessary. Harsh weather, excessive foot traffic and other stressors wreak havoc on your commercial flat roof. A strong, efficient roof requires regular inspections and preventative maintenance. Roofed Right maintenance plans include inspecting edging and flashing, repairing rips and holes, surface washing and clearing debris, with special attention given to areas of concern. 

Plano Commercial Roof Inspections

Roof inspection, installation and repair services support longer-lasting commercial flat roofing systems. Roofed Right expert contractors and technicians combine their skill and experience to best assist your business. Whether it’s bitumen, single ply, fluid-applied or a green roof, our team will handle your project with masterful workmanship. Each project begins with a free quote.

Bitumen Roofing

These heavy duty flat roofing systems are designed for business owners in need of a roof to withstand years of heavy foot traffic and exposure to extreme weather conditions.

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Single Ply Roofing

Single-ply membranes are flexible sheets of compounded synthetic manufactured materials. Roofed Right offers three types of single-ply roofing materials including thermosets, thermoplastics & modified bitumens.

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Fluid-Applied Roofing

Fluid-applied roofing systems have become a more popular choice amongst commercial building owners for their ability to protect roof membranes for longer roof cycles & to reflect solar radiation for lower energy costs.

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Green Roofs

Green roofing systems are a great way to add appeal to your place of business. Customers and potential clients find green roofing systems to be very unique and interesting and are great for presenting your business as environmentally conscious and committed to renewable resources.

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Roofed Right Serves Plano & Nearby Communities

Maintenance plans are based on location, roof type and building type. Plano roofs will be fortified to mitigate the effects of Texas weather and with attention to details other contractors often take for granted. Roofed Right guarantees all new roof installations are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty in Plano and surrounding communities including DallasGarland, Arlington, Denton, Richardson, Lewisville & more!

Roofed Right Project Gallery

Roofed Right finds the best solution for your roofing problem. We provide emergency repair, general maintenance and full installation services. Many of our clients have dealt with intense structural damage due to water accumulation and leaks. If your commercial flat roof is beyond repair, we will remove it and implement a system more appropriate to your building’s needs. Visit our gallery of past projects for more information.

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Plano Roofing Maintenance
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