Arlington Commercial Roofing Contractors

Alrington Commercial Roofing Contractors

Flat Roof Inspection, Repair & Installation

Roofed Right America in Arlington offers commercial flat roof inspections, repairs and full installation services for longer-lasting roofs. Visual and infrared inspections diagnose problems and potential threats from the beginning. Maintenance plans are specifically designed to meet every business' needs. We work with all roofing types including bitumen, fluid-applied, green and single-ply. Each project starts with a free quote outlining how Roofed Right can make your commercial flat roof as efficient as possible.

Specialized Roof Maintenance Program

Arlington roofing systems require regular maintenance. The high temperatures and changing of seasons in Texas can cause roofing surfaces to break down. Roofed Right preventative maintenance provides a specialized program to help keep your commercial flat roofing system operating at its best. Regular services include repairing rips and holes, clearing debris, surface washing and annual or bi-annual inspections. Ignoring the problems with your commercial roofing system can lead to problems with your business. Learn how you can extend the lifespan of your roofing system today.

Bitumen Roofing

These heavy duty flat roofing systems are designed for business owners in need of a roof to withstand years of heavy foot traffic and exposure to extreme weather conditions.

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Single Ply Roofing

Single-ply membranes are flexible sheets of compounded synthetic manufactured materials. Roofed Right offers three types of single-ply roofing materials including thermosets, thermoplastics & modified bitumens.

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Fluid-Applied Roofing

Fluid-applied roofing systems have become a more popular choice amongst commercial building owners for their ability to protect roof membranes for longer roof cycles & to reflect solar radiation for lower energy costs.

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Green Roofs

Green roofing systems are a great way to add appeal to your place of business. Customers and potential clients find green roofing systems to be very unique and interesting and are great for presenting your business as environmentally conscious and committed to renewable resources.

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Arlington & Surrounding Texas Cities

Roofed Right offers maintenance plans and installation services keeping commercial flat roofing systems operational up to 25% longer. Our roofing services have helped businesses in Arlington and nearby Texas cities including Fort Worth, Dallas, Garland, Plano, Grand Prairie, Cedar Hill & more!

Roofed Right Project Portfolio

Commercial flat roofing systems can be complicated and must be installed correctly the first time. After diagnosing your current roofing limitations, we design and implement new systems better suited to your building and location. Along with years of experience, Roofed Right contractors bring unrivaled innovation to Arlington commercial roofing jobs. When faced with the effects of severe weather, water damage or simply the passage of time, put us to work finding the right solution. Visit our gallery of past projects and contact us today to get started.

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