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Built-up roofs (BURs) are a type of roofing system made up of multiple layers of material, usually asphalt or coal tar, that creates a waterproof barrier over the roof deck. They have three basic components: a waterproofing layer, a reinforcing layer, and a surfacing layer. BURs can be installed over various types of roof decks if the proper substrate is used and can be customized to meet the specific needs of a roof. It is important to work with a professional roofing contractor for proper installation.

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-Ken Weber

Built-Up Roofing

BUR or Built-up roof consists of multiple plies of roof felts laminated together with bitumen. A surfacing is generally applied and can be asphalt, aggregate (gravel or slag), emulsion, or a granule-surfaced cap sheet.

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Modified Bitumen Roofing Installation

Base sheets are usually the first piece of Built-Up Roofing material installed and are usually mechanically-fastened (nailed) to the deck or substrate. Felt layers can be installed with hot asphalt, coal tar, or cold-applied liquid adhesive (solvent-based asphalt or "cutback" asphalt.) The surfacing is the same amount of bitumen, or lap cement used to install the cap sheet as is used to install the plies.

The service life of a roof is dependent on many factors: geographical location & weather conditions, foot traffic, materials used, conditions under which the roof was installed, slope of roof, type of surfacing material, etc. Under ideal conditions, a 3-ply built-up roof should last at least fifteen years, a 4-ply should last at least 20 years, and a 5-ply should last at least 25 years.

Built-Up Roof Materials

Bitumens for BUR

  • Asphalt – Types I (Grades 1 and 2), II, III, and IV (and SEBS)
  • Coal Tar – Types I, II, and III
  • Lap Cement - A.K.A. Cold-Applied Liquid Adhesive, A.K.A. Solvent-Based (Cutback)

Asphalt-Coated Base Sheets

  • Asphalt-Coated Organic Base Sheet – Perforated and Non-Perforated
  • Asphalt-Coated Glass Fiber Base Sheet
  • Asphalt-Coated Glass Fiber Venting Base Sheet, Types I and II

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing A Roofing Material

When it comes to picking the type of material you should use on your built-up roofing system you have several options. Knowing what type of material to pick depends on several factors:

  • Home design - How you want your home to look aesthetically may be a factor in your roofing material choice. Asphalt shingles are classic, making for a great match to your architecture. Asphalt doesn't have to be your only option when coal tar and lap cement work just as well.
  • Cost - You’re probably on a budget, so prioritizing cost is also an important factor. Just because the material is expensive, doesn’t mean it will last forever. Consult a reliable roofing contractor for help selecting a material that suits your budget.
  • Climate conditions - Take your local climate into account. Get a material that can handle all types of environmental conditions.
  • Maintenance - Take note of how much maintenance you plan on doing to your roof, or consider how often you'll need to hire a roofing contractor.
  • Durability - Roofs are meant to last, which is why you need to choose a material that meets your needs. Make a decision on materials based on your preferences and future plans.


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Felts And Fabrics for BUR

  • Asphalt-Saturated Organic Felt – Types I (A.K.A. No. 15) and II (A.K.A. No. 30)
  • Coal Tar-Saturated Organic Felt
  • Smooth-Surfaced Asphalt Roll Roofing – Types I, II, III, and IV
  • Asphalt- or Coal Tar-Saturated Cotton Fabrics
  • Asphalt- or Coal Tar-Saturated Woven BUR lap Fabrics
  • Asphalt-Impregnated Glass Felt – Types III, IV, and VI
  • Coal Tar-Impregnated Glass Felt – Type I
  • Thermoplastic Fabrics for Built-Up Roofing – Types I, II, III, and IV

Surfacings for BUR

  • Mineral Aggregate – Gravel or Slag
  • Asphalt Roof Coatings – Asbestos and Non-Asbestos
  • Aluminum-Pigmented Asphalt Roof Coatings – Non-Fibered, Asbestos Fibered, and Fibered without Asbestos
  • Urethanes and other elastomeric coatings (too many to list)
  • Emulsified Asphalt – Fibered and Non-Fibered
  • Mineral-Surfaced Asphalt Roll Roofing (Organic)
  • Mineral-Surfaced Asphalt Roll Roofing (Glass Felt)
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