PVC Roofing Installation

Waukesha Before/After
Waukesha PVC Before/After

PVC Roofing for Commercial and Industrial Flat Roofs

Waterproof PVC flat roof installation contractors in Milwaukee.
Characteristics of PVC Roofing
(Polyvinyl Chloride)
Thickness 40 – 80 mil +
Maximum Service Temperature 175° C (347° F)
Minimum Service Temperature -50° C (-58° F)
Chemical Resistance Excellent
Tearing Strength 45lbf
Meets ASTM Standards Pass

Commercial and industrial roofing materials need to be resistant to physical stress, corrosion, and extreme temperatures. Your business's roof must be thoroughly dependable in any environment. PVC roofing systems from the Roofed Right's American flat roof contractors are a great choice for the roof of any commercial or industrial building. These roofing systems are made of the highest quality materials to ensure long lasting durability and excellent resistance to even the harshest environment. Quick, easy installation, a long life span, and low maintenance will fulfill the commercial roofing needs of any company. The addition of cost-saving, preventative assets of PVC commercial roofing maximizes the benefits of this flat roofing system.

Commercial and industrial buildings, no matter how big or small, benefit from our PVC roofing system installations. Investing in a long lasting, low maintenance roof lowers potential repair or damage costs by providing extensive preventative attributes. PVC roofing materials feature excellent resistance to weather, sunlight exposure, oils, chemicals, and other caustic or damaging substances and pollutants. On top of these elemental resistance characteristics, PVC roofing seams are highly resistant to punctures and damage, making PVC materials a great choice for high traffic rooftop areas, such as industrial air conditioners, exhaust vents, and more. These attributes ensure less maintenance, repair and preventative measures on your business’ flat commercial roof, making PVC roofing a great investment which will last you for years.

PVC Roofing Systems for American's Harsh Weather

American commercial and industrial PVC roofing systems are one of the best long-lasting solutions for roofs in need of a dependable, watertight roof guaranteed to last. The flexible material allows for expansion and contraction in warmer and colder months while maintaining a tight seal.

For even further water resistance capabilities, we offer flat roof waterproofing services for American businesses. For superior waterproofing services, we use Neogard elastomeric coatings for waterproofing your newly installed or existing flat roof system. Neogard coatings form a durable shield on your rooftop, protecting the interior of your building from leaks and preventing costly structural repairs due to water damage. Neogard will stop any existing leaks while stopping new ones from forming. Our commercial roofing contractors have extensive experience applying Neogard coatings, ensuring your roofing system is ready for the constantly changing American weather.

Reduce the chances of costly water damage prevalent among many flat roof types. Whether you are looking to repair individual leaky spots, raise areas where water collects, or need to install a completely new waterproof roof, Roofed Right has the customer focused waterproofing services you can rely on for cost efficient service.

Flat Roof Maintenance American Businesses Rely On

Our American flat roof maintenance services cover all of your roofing needs. In addition to PVC roofing material installation, we provide full roof inspections, drain and gutter cleaning, hole and rip repair, and aesthetic maintenance. The high quality roofing options from Roofed Right provide a wide range of choices for your business roofing necessities. If you are looking for a durable, low maintenance roofing solution, commercial PVC roofs are a superb choice for your American commercial roof waterproofing needs.

Contact the American commercial and industrial roofers at Roofed Right today for more information on our high quality American flat roof services.

How to Tell When You Need a New PVC Roof or Repair Services

After years of wear and tear, PVC roofing systems begin to break down, becoming less energy efficient and prone to leaking. American winters are especially harsh on northern American roofing systems, because these roofs become more brittle as they age. Extremely cold temperatures and foot traffic can cause the PVC roof membrane to shatter. This problem occurs more frequently in PVC roofs that are not reinforced, especially those made up of gravel ballasted membranes. If your existing roof is reinforced with polyester or glass, the roof will be significantly less likely to shatter.

Roofed Right can help you determine whether or not your PVC roof is at risk of shattering by looking at:

  • Discoloration in areas of the membrane that are exposed to UV-light
  • Wrinkling near and around drain flashings or soil pipe bases
  • Puncturing of the membrane
  • Membrane has elliptical tears

Non-reinforced PVC roof membranes have been known to shatter in roofs over 10 years old in temperatures of only 20°F.

How to Prevent PVC Roof Failures

If you already have a non-reinforced PVC roof installed, you can avoid shattering by prohibiting foot traffic in weather below 50°F. The membranes have significantly lower flexibility in cold weather, making it easier to break.

Have Roofed Right inspect your PVC roof yearly, especially when the weather begins to warm up. We will check to for signs of wear including discoloration, shrinkage and membrane tears.

Contact PVC roof repair and installation specialists at Roofed Right.

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