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Milwaukee Modified Bitumen Roofing

Modified Bitumen Roofing Installation with Roofed Right

Roofed Right installs energy efficient, durable modified bitumen roofing systems.
Characteristics of Asphalt Roofing (SBS and APP Polymer-Modified Bitumen)  
Minimum Roof Slope 2%
Maximum Service Temperature 200° C (392° F)
Minimum Service Temperature -50° C (-58° F)
Application Styles Heat Application,
Cold-Applied Adhesives,

The American flat roof contractors at Roofed Right take pride in our wide-ranging knowledge of industrial roofing materials. Years of experience and on-the-job knowledge have granted us a keen insight in to the best roofing materials for specific jobs and which products will deliver the best solutions. We commonly use modified bitumen roofing systems for businesses in need of durable roofs intended to last through years of exposure, foot traffic, and weather resistance.

Modified Bitumen Waterproofing Services

Modified bitumen roofing systems are an asphalt-based product designed for many different building construction styles. This single, double, or multi-ply industrial roofing system features superior waterproofing characteristics, is highly durable, and doesn’t become brittle in cold weather or flow and shift in hot weather. Roofed Right commonly uses modified bitumen products for our American flat roof waterproofing services.

Our professional roofers understand the needs of every business are unique and can require a variety of different waterproofing services for their modified bitumen rooftops. We will carefully inspect the roof for potential leak hazards and come up with a customized roof repair plan. Our experienced American roofing contractors will raise spots on the roof where water collects, create watertight seals and installs entire roofing systems to prevent water from damaging your business. The modified bitumen roof systems are also built with waterproofing membranes specifically designed to prevent snow from building up during the winter by absorbing sunlight and quickly melting snow.

Neogard Waterproof Coatings

This waterproofing membrane is a Neogard elastomeric coating. Neogard coatings create an extra shield for your rooftop, protecting the interior of your building from leaks and costly structural damage. Our commercial roofing professionals have perfected Neogard application techniques, so you can rest assured your newly coated roof will not suffer from leaks.

Modified Bitumen Roofing Options

American modified bitumen roofing systems are available in a diverse range of styles and options, including gravel surfaces, reflective “cool roof” coatings, and colored mineral surfaces to match your existing shingles or building color scheme. Bitumen roofing products can be installed with several different techniques, including torch applications, “hot-mopping” methods, self-adhering sheets, and with industrial grade adhesives.

Energy Efficient Roofing Systems in the United States

Roofing services from the professional American contractors at Roofed Right provide high quality energy efficient modified bitumen systems at affordable prices. Our top of the line modified bitumen roofing systems help business owners save money on heating and cooling bills. The reflective cool roof coatings applied to these roofing systems keep heat from escaping during cold winter months and prevents heat absorption in the warmth of summer. This roofing system is protected from water damaged by snow buildup, because the modified bitumen roof melts snow and allows it to drain off quickly.

Modified Bitumen Roof Maintenance

Flat roof maintenance is very important for the structural integrity of the building. Our professional American roofers are trained to inspect and repair damaged modified bitumen rooftops. Any roofing system can become damaged over years of wear and tear from weather conditions, heavy foot traffic and sunlight exposure. If you notice any damaged areas like holes, rips, or separated roofing material, call the American roofing contractors at Roofed Right immediately. The sooner roofing damage is repaired, the less it will cost in the long run. If modified bitumen roofing is left damaged, sagging, or leaking, the entire system will need to be torn down and replaced.

Roofed Right contractors provide the best roof repair services in the United States. We offer a free on-site inspection of your modified bitumen roof and give you a detailed analysis of potential threats. Having your roof inspected by experienced American roofing contractors on a yearly basis is recommended to keeping your modified bitumen roof functioning as intended.

Experienced American Flat Roof Contractors

Professional flat roofers at Roofed Right are experienced in the installation and repair of a variety of flat roof systems. We provide high quality, energy efficient flat roofs at affordable prices to keep your business up and running. Choose from reliable American flat roof systems like EPDM, PVC, TPO and modified bitumen roofing systems to suit the needs of your business.

Check out our modified bitumen commercial roofing gallery and then contact the American commercial roofing contractors at Roofed Right today for more information on modified bitumen roofing and our other industrial roof installation options.

Common Issues with Modified Bitumen Roofs

It is extremely important for Modified Bitumen roofs to be installed correctly to prevent leaks from infiltrating your building. This roofing system is made up of asphalt (or bitumen) and modified with polymers to increase its strength and waterproof capabilities.

Some of the most typical issues with Modified Bitumen roofs as they ages or if they are installed incorrectly include:

  • Membrane punctures
  • Defects in the seams
  • Blisters in the membrane

Membrane punctures are often caused by fallen branches and foot traffic. Seam defects are caused by expansion and contraction, stress, and improper application of the membrane. Blisters are a sign of moisture in the membrane. Each of these issues can be corrected by Roofed Right. We have the tools and skills available to repair your damaged Modified Bitumen roof.

Contact Modified Bitumen roofing contractors for more information today!

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