Harley Davidson in Wisconsin

Harley Davidson Roofing Project
Harley Davidson Roofing Project
WI Roof Project Harley Davidson
WI Roof Project Harley Davidson

Project Background

Harley Davidson is one of the biggest names in Wisconsin. Their showrooms, manufacturing plants, museums, and headquarters all need to be carefully maintained. Roofed Right America was ready to repair the roof on one of their facilities.

Project Conditions

The Harley Davidson complex had a lot of pipes, vents, and HVAC outlets on the roof. Certain sections of the building are on different levels, meaning each area would have to be worked on separately.

Strategies and Results

Our roofing contractors have years of experience dealing with flat commercial roofs. We easily worked around each roof obstacle to install a completely flat roof.

We are experts in all types of roofing types, including:

Whatever type of roof you need, Roofed Right America is ready to install it.

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