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A professionally installed and maintained flat roof system from Roofed Right America gives American business and building owners  a high quality, consistently dependable roof guaranteed to last for years to come. High quality American industrial roofing materials provide our customers with a wealth of options for their commercial roofing needs. Whether you’re looking for commercial roof repair or installing a brand new industrial roofing system, depend on the trained and experienced professionals at Roofed Right.

High quality roofing materials are required to ensure long lasting, energy efficient roofing systems. Roofed Right offers a variety of reliable flat roofing materials. We offer EPDM roofing, modified bitumen roof installation, PVC roofing and TPO roof installation services. Our professional roofing contractors place the roofing materials expertly to provide the best energy efficient system. Properly placed roofing insulation keeps homes cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, cutting down on energy bills.

A great addition to any roof is a Neogard waterproofing seal. This elastomeric coating is versatile for use across a wide variety of roofing materials. Neogard can be used to repair leaks and weak spots, without having to replace the entire flat top. It increases the overall durability of any commercial roofing system, protecting the interior of your building from structural damage and problematic leaks. The addition of a Neogard coating will ensure your roof is ready for any type of extreme weather conditions.

View any of our informative galleries to learn more about our different types of roofing material installation services. Roofed Right's American contractors help choose the perfect roofing system for your specific business roofing needs.

Commercial Roof Galleries by Material

EPDM: EPDM commercial roofs are an excellent choice for American businesses. Highly flexible, even at low temperatures, EPDM roofs can withstand the harshest winters and are highly resistant to hail, wind and UV damage.

EPDM materials are the least expensive roofing solution for commercial roofs, and also have the longest lifespan, thereby saving money on installation and lowering average cost per year of service.

The synthesized elastomeric polymer used to make EPDM commercial roofs is tough and durable, yet adding penetrations for new rooftop equipment is easy. Take a look at EPDM roofs installed by Roofed Right’s professional roofers.

Modified Bitumen: Businesses in cold climates, like those found in Northern American states, choose modified bitumen roofs for several reasons. Modified bitumen does not become brittle in cold weather and it tolerates high traffic without damage, allowing business owners to access their roof without fear of damaging the roofing system.

Commercial flat roofs with many penetrations for service equipment are ideal candidates for modified bitumen roofing.

Made from asphalt and modifying agents, modified bitumen is an extremely durable, easy to repair commercial roofing system ideal for use in a variety of environments. See modified bitumen roofs Roofed Right has installed on businesses in America.

PVC: Restaurants, chemical plants and other businesses producing waste grease, chemicals or oil-based products need a roofing system able to handle the harshest conditions. PVC is a damage resistant roofing material capable of withstanding years of contact with chemicals and other corrosive waste.

PVC roofs require almost no maintenance during their life, offering businesses a worry-free roofing solution for years of dependable service.

Businesses looking to save on energy costs choose PVC commercial roofs for their white, reflective finish. Heat is reflected away from the building by a PVC roof, resulting in lower cooling bills during America’s hot summers. Look at energy efficient PVC commercial roofs installed by Roofed Right.

TPO: The most common commercial roof installed on businesses throughout America is TPO. Made of a recyclable material, TPO is a great way to go green while also having a high quality, dependable roofing system.

TPO roofing systems are economical, heat reflective and easy to repair, making them an ideal choice for many businesses.

This material is considered a cool roof product and will lower cooling bills by reflecting heat away from commercial structures. These systems are also extremely easy to repair, making it a great roof for most businesses. Look at heat reflective TPO roofing systems installed by Roofed Right.

Contact the industrial roofing installation and repair specialists at Roofed Right America for all your flat roof and American industrial roofing repair needs.

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