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Professional TPO roofing contractorsFrom months of snow and ice to hot, humid conditions, industrial and commercial roofs are subjected to extreme shifts in seasonal weather. These constant changes can wreak havoc on a flat roof system and, over time, the need for superb and professional commercial roof repair services becomes more and more important.

The Milwaukee based commercial roofing contractors at Roofed Right America provide some of the best commercial roofing maintenance and repair, roof waterproofing, and commercial green roof design and construction services available throughout the country. Our professional commercial flat roof experts use the highest quality construction materials, including EPDM rubber roofing, modified bitumen roofing materials, and TPO roofing systems, to install a high quality flat roof guaranteed to last through years of use and exposure.

We can help maintain, replace and waterproof your commercial building. Ensure your roof is in prime condition and ready for all four seasons with the help of our commercial roofing team.

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Flat Roof Maintenance and Repair Services

The commercial roofing contractors from Roofed Right America offer superb flat roof maintenance and repair services for businesses and manufacturing facilities across the country. Our flat roof maintenance services consist of:

  • Full roof inspections and evaluations
  • Cleaning drains and gutter systems
  • Repairing holes and rips
  • Removing accumulated debris
  • Fixing any bent, rusted, or damaged flashing 

Pair our flat roof maintenance services with our free commercial and industrial roof quote services to ensure a long lasting, high quality flat roof.

Commercial flat roofingCommercial and Industrial Roof Waterproofing

Water damage is one of the most expensive repair problems a business owner can face. Commercial and industrial business owners can avoid any water intrusion issues by utilizing the excellent flat roof waterproofing services available from Roofed Right America, which include:

- Single ply roofing

- Bitumen roofing

- Fluid-applied roofing

- Sloped roofing

Our expert flat roof waterproofing specialists will install a high strength, puncture resistant membrane system designed for a long life of dry ceilings and leak-proof roofing.

Whether you want to install a completely new waterproof roofing system or simply repair leaks and raise ponding areas, trust in the skills and knowledge of Roofed Right to get the job done right.

We also utilize Neogard elastomeric coatings for waterproofing an existing flat roof, since sometimes replacing the whole roof isn’t an option. A high quality, waterproof coating will stop any existing leaks, while repairing and protecting any other damaged areas. A Neogard coating will prevent more leaks from forming. Our team of roof repair professionals will get your existing roof ready for whatever weather the four seasons might bring. 

Green Roof Installation Services

The recent boom in “green” construction materials and practices has led to a revolution in the way buildings are designed, especially when it comes to unique commercial and industrial green roofing systems.

Green roofing systems from Roofed Right America are excellent insulators and help reduce monthly energy expenses. These one-of-a-kind roofing systems consist of layers of dirt and grass, moss, and small bushes placed over a waterproof membrane. Roofed Right will install a high quality green roof system sure to draw attention and instill the forward thinking look so many companies desire.

All of our commercial roof installations are properly insulated to trap heat during winter and reflect heat during the summer. Roofing options such as EPDM roofing will save your facility money on heating costs in winter, and are made with recyclable building materials.

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Commercial Roofing Options

EPDM Roofing System Installation

EPDM rubber roofing has consistently been a top choice for commercial flat roofs. It’s durable, waterproof, and lasts for many years. The black rubber is designed to absorb sunlight during the winter, to effectively melt snow and keep it from causing problematic leaks. EPDM also reduces heating costs in the winter, thanks to the heat absorbing properties.

Flat Roof Maintenance

In order to maintain an EPDM commercial flat roof, our experienced team of roofing contractors will perform annual EPDM flat roof maintenance to ensure your new roof stays watertight and energy efficient. From small leaks to major cracks that could cause serious damage, our roofing technicians offer the maintenance services you need for a roof covers!

Flat Roof Waterproofing Services

Our team installs reliable, waterproof roofing systems ensuring water doesn’t leak into your building, compromising the entire structure. We use the highest quality EPDM rubber roofing materials made from recyclable materials, which can qualify your building for energy tax credits, depending on your state.

TPO Roof Installation

Our TPO roof systems are the most cost effective roofing option available. TPO roof installation from Roofed Right America is made of durable, high quality materials, which are naturally resistant to chemical damage and weakening due to ultraviolet exposure. Our TPO roofing membranes are also 100% recyclable. The combination of recycled plastic and rubber, like our EPDM roofing, qualifies your building for Energy Tax Credits.

Our experienced team of commercial roofers can repair and maintain an existing roof structure, or install an entirely new TPO commercial flat roof. Our roofing contractors can quickly repair any leaky spots, while raising parts of the roof to prevent water build up. We guarantee quality installation and repair services for all commercial flat roofing services we perform. Invest in the environment, while reducing your energy bills with a new commercial roofing system from Roofed Right America.

PVC Flat Roofing

A PVC commercial roofing system is resistant to corrosion and temperature extremes. It’s one of the most durable roofing options available. For a roofing option which is thoroughly dependable year round, a low maintenance and long lasting PVC roof is the ideal answer. Roofed Right provides quick, easy installation services.

If your commercial rooftop is a high traffic area, due to vents or air conditioning systems, a PVC roofing option is ideal. It features durable seams which are incredibly resistant to punctures, oils and other damaging elements. PVC seams feature another unique characteristic. PVC is a flexible material which allows it to expand during warm weather and contract during cold weather without weakening at the seams, ensuring years of waterproof protection. The low maintenance costs and extreme durability of PVC roofing make it an excellent investment for your business.

Modified Bitumen Roofing 

Modified bitumen is an asphalt based roofing material, available in single, double or multi-ply layer options. Businesses with high traffic rooftops looking for a durable roofing system which remains sturdy and reliable even with constant exposure to damaging elements frequently choose modified bitumen. Modified bitumen features excellent waterproofing characteristics and will not become brittle in cold weather or shift in hot weather.

There are two types of modified bitumen roofing systems Roofed Right offers:

A type of asphalt modifier that can stretch up to 6x its original length. Reinforcement materials in SBS include fiberglass, polyester mats, or a combination of both.

A by-product of propylene polymerization that is added to asphalt to give it some plastic properties. A polyester mat is added to make APP more of a rolled product, making it easy to apply on top of roofs. 

Roofed Right America offers a wide range of styles and options including gravel, colored mineral to match existing shingles and a reflective “cool” coating to lower your energy bills year round. We provide a wide range of installation options including torch applications, self-adhering sheets and “hot-mopping”. Our team of roofing contractors have years of experience installing modified bitumen systems, ensuring quality and longevity.

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Commercial Roof Repair Ensures Long-Lasting Roofs from Coast to Coast

The experienced roofing contractors at Roofed Right America realize a “one size fits all” approach is often not the answer to your roofing issues. With a unique dedication to providing customized solutions to each and every client, the roofing teams views each roof as if it were their own.  This experienced crew is always researching the newest methods, techniques, and technological advancements to ensure long-lasting roofs. Trust the commercial roofing experts at Roofed Right to deliver the very best in commercial roofing installation and repair services across the country.

Keeping your roof in top condition is an important part of ensuring your business runs smoothly and efficiently. Leaky or otherwise damaged roofs lead to costly repairs and also pose serious safety hazards within your building.

It is important to have an annual inspection of your roofing system, so any damaged or worn areas can be quickly repaired or replaced before the problem worsens.

Our annual maintenance services include:

  • General Cleaning and Debris Removal
  • Inspecting Edging and Flashing Components
  • Repairing Rips, Holes or Separated Roofing

We offer comprehensive maintenance services, so your roof is in optimal condition year round. For all your commercial roofing needs, rely on the experienced team at Roofed Right America.

Commercial Roof Warranty

After installation of a new commercial roof, our team stands behind our work. We pay extra attention to detail when installing a new roofing system to ensure your roof is covered under the manufacturer's warranty. Our team will come out to your facility and repair or replace the area causing problems no matter what issues arise.

Roofed Right America also offers a price match guarantee. We want all our customers to be 100% satisfied with their new roofing system. There are differences between the concepts we teach and what you may perceive about the general roofing industry:

  • We will respect you and your needs - always offering solutions in YOUR best interest
  • We will educate you about what your current problems are and the potential positives and negatives about each type of roofing system

Each representative is trained extensively as a consultant. It is of the utmost importance to have an extensive background in installation, which is why each representative we send to speak with you has a vast personal project portfolio he can share with you. You will appreciate the attention to detail that we focus on regarding your roofing installation: there are no "typical roofs" when we send a consultant to speak with you, only a new challenge and a new solution custom-tailored for YOU. Rely on Roofed Right America’s superior commercial and industrial roof installation and maintenance services for your next roofing project.

If the roof of your business is in need of repairs, waterproofing services, or a thorough and professional inspection, contact the best commercial roofing contractors: Roofed Right America.
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