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Owners: Discover The Art And Science Of Establishing A Well-Run Crisis-Free Roofing Project!

Owners, this is your chance. Become familiar with your responsibilities during the front end of your roofing project. Learn about different project delivery methods, find the American roofing contractor that is right for you, where to start, types of contracts, contract add-ons, insurance, lien-rights, quality issues, fraudulent contractors and where to turn if you encounter problems with your contractor. If you cannot navigate these waters, perhaps a less-reputable and profit-driven roofing company will do it for you. Maybe they will have your best interest in mind and maybe they won't. Let us explain the difference between these ethically-challenged, profit-driven companies and our processes and ideals. We are sure that, once you understand where we are coming from, the choice to use Roofed Right America will be clear!

Superior Project Management is the use of the right processes by the right people. Study after study concludes this. Highly successful American roofing companies like Roofed Right America work "smarter", meaning we do things which are efficient and effective. Working with a roofing company who adopts “Best Practices” dramatically improves your project's results.

Our firm emphasizes client-focused project management and superior installation techniques. Our processes are our keys to your success: following the correct steps in the proper sequence improves effectiveness.

We recognize that roofing is a Service and Communications business: Positive project communication and superior results give our clients the knowledge that they can continue their businesses without the headaches of dealing with contractors who are slow to respond, over-promise / under-deliver, or act to the detriment of the client. Here at Roofed Right America in the United States, we believe that every project is a lasting partnership for us to foster and maintain.

Field-Personnel Management and Schedule Management are the two keys to a successful project. Most problem roofing projects result from poor field-personnel management or weak scheduling. The few roofing companies in America that focus on these two areas consistently (and we don't hesitate to offer a positive opinion of them) make long partnerships with clients, and enjoy superior client-satisfaction.

You cannot over-communicate in construction. Success often comes in giving everyone information so they may do their job. Our project managers are hubs who disperses information to you as clients, suppliers, governmental authorities and other stakeholders.

Great people come from everywhere. There is no formula. People who like what they do certainly are good at what they do. Additionally, people who believe that our company is a fair and interesting place perform conscientiously. Lastly, those who we train to succeed perform consistently well.

Follow-up is a key to success. Loose ends end up in someone else's lap such as the client's. Tying up the final pieces gives the project finality and closure to all involved. Persons who appreciate the small details of project management receive high marks from all stakeholders including clients. Make sure that your project is undertaken by an American roofing contractor who puts YOUR best interests in front, and consistently proves it to you!

Roofed Right America services the roofing needs of businesses in the United States.

Let's Get Started!

Your Building Is One Of The Single Largest Capital Investments You Will Ever Make And Probably One Of Your Largest Investments Of Management-Time.

So how do you go about finding someone you trust enough - someone that has enough knowledge and experience - to put your biggest investment in his hands and know that they "won't mess it up?"

Well, if you're like most building owners, you would be looking for a roofing company that will actually add value to your investment and not take the chance of hiring somebody that's not capable of doing that.

Let's Start With Licensing, Bonding, And Insurance.

Many owners make the mistake of thinking that licensing, bonding, and insurance qualifies a roofing contractor to work on their building.  Well, really it's just the starting point.  In America, it only qualifies a roofer to "play the game": to do basic roofing work to "minimum standards."  And that's what many contractors use as their specifications: Minimum Standards!

Having said that, don't EVER hire an unlicensed roofing contractor in the United States, or anywhere else for that matter.  There are plenty of them out there posing as the "Real Thing" so you must be careful.  If you are smart you'll eliminate more than half of your potential problems right up front by following this advice.

I only say this because we spend a lot of time fixing other roofing contractors' mistakes - licensed and unlicensed - and we have plenty of pictures and testimonials on this website to prove it.  So please, make sure to do your research.

Your First Impression Begins With The Inspection.

Whether it's a whole new roof, or a roof repair, the process has to start with a thorough roof inspection, right? Roofed Right America in the United States offers just that, and all for no cost. For our larger clients who are not actively considering roofing repairs or replacements, we service you with Roof Asset Management Services! This is a bit like having a mechanic look at your vehicle before a long trip: it can save you major problems with a simple fix before you break down along the way and are saddled with unexpected issues and sky-high/low-value solutions. Either way, if you need roofing services contact us and we will be out to see you and explain how we can help!

A Good Inspection Guarantees That There Will Be No Surprises

A qualified, seasoned, experienced roofing contractor can walk the entire roof of your building and tell you just about everything you need to know about it: if there are multiple layers or wet insulation in your roofing, whether or not the decking is bad, the condition of the flashings, and much, much more.

Here's Where You Can Separate the "Wheat from The Chaff"

Roofed Right America in the United States would suggest that you consider a roofing contractor "only if" they first provides you with "before" photos of your roof in its existing condition. AND then diagrams, AND clear calculations of quantities, material types, warranties, wet-insulation tests, asbestos tests, AND everything in writing.

How many companies do you think could stand that test? I think at this point we're narrowing it down to the "cream of the crop".

And what about a "fixed price contract?" You know, the kind where the roofer can't charge you more for things his salesman "didn't see" or something that just "popped up", or "couldn't tell was there" until he started work. In most cases an experienced roofer knows about these things up front, and can fully inform you of your options. Here's a BIG Tip: Don't ever sign a contract that has variables in it that you can't reasonably control. It's not necessary and you don't need to put yourself in that kind of risky position. Close all the loopholes. Roofed Right America only does work on a time and materials basis upon client's request: we are very clear about our responsibilities and stand behind our work!

So Why Aren't More Contractors Educating Building Owners?

We don't know. Digital photos and online video are pretty simple to create these days.  They're great tools for communicating solutions to you, the client. Also, they are convenient and conserve your valuable time: they can also help build "Trust" and "Confidence."

So why don't many roofers use them as helpful tools?  Do they have something to hide?  I don't know, but we don't see any of our competitors doing it.  Maybe they just don't want to go the "extra mile."

Wouldn't it be great to have a qualified person inspect your roof, show you personalized pictures and video, draw out professional diagrams, perform necessary asbestos tests and seek out wet insulation, offer exact calculations, and put everything in writing with a "fixed price" contract?  You bet it would.

And what if they could make all of these things available online, so that you could access them quickly, from anywhere; at work, at home, even while you're away?

Then, if they could just add "during" and "after" pictures to prove everything was done right, and as promised?  And then finished with manufacturer's warranties for new roofs and a full two years for repairs?  Most clients feel that would be almost perfection!

It'll Never Work! It's Just Too Complicated. It Won't Catch On.

That's what our competitors said when we started this program a while ago. But they were wrong. It's caught on like wildfire.  It's a simple system that saves you time! It truly arms you, the consumer, with all of the information you need to make your best decisions. And the follow up can really offer some true "peace of mind".

It's not for everyone, though. Some people like to do things the old way. That's OK; we understand that. But we find that we also get better, more informed clients with our methods, too. And because they know what they want - it makes it easier for us to deliver!

If you're interested in learning more, there's plenty of information available on this site.  We will suggest that you start with one of the links under "Protect Yourself", and if we do have the pleasure of meeting you and putting together your inspection and estimate package, we promise to take great care of you and your investment!

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