Acrylic Roofs from Milwaukee, Wisconsin's Nationwide Contractors

Completed liquid coating jobAcrylic fluid applied roofing can be used to protect metal roofing panels and more. When combined with the proper primers, acrylic coatings provide exceptional long-term performance. Acrylic roofing materials offer pleasing aesthetics, superior corrosion resistance, and high reflectivity. Fluid applied acrylic coatings from Roofed Right America provide significant savings in installation costs and extend the life of protected substrate. We're based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin but work on roofs around the country.

Available in a variety of colors, acrylic coatings extend the service life of commercial roof substrates. Acrylic roof coatings dry to a monolithic coating which resists:

  • Ozone
  • UV
  • Intense heat & cold
  • General weathering
  • And more

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Before roofing contractors apply acrylic liquid coating

Installing an Acrylic Roof

Acrylic coating is designed to permanently waterproof most new or existing roofs with positive drainage, including roofs with low slopes and complicated flashings. The system consists of two main components:

  1. A premium elastomeric liquid acrylic coating
  2. A polyester reinforcing fabric

Roofed Right America’s acrylic roof coatings create a reinforced flexible membrane that can last indefinitely with minimal maintenance. Flashings can simply be painted in place and become an integral part of the membrane. Features of the new coating include:

  • Suitable for any climate – material remains flexible in arctic cold and will not crack in desert heat
  • Unaffected by long-term UV exposure
  • Resistant to ozone, acid rain, and other pollution
  • Superior adhesion to most substrates

Flexible Rigidity

Sun-resistant acrylic liquid coating by Wisconsin roofing contractorsThe experienced team of commercial roofers at Roofed Right America can apply acrylic roof coating to most substrates. Acrylic roof coatings can be applied to:

  • Hot applied asphalts
  • Cold applied asphalts
  • Asphalt composite sheets
  • Metals
  • Plywood
  • Wood composite sheets
  • Concrete
  • Rigid foam
  • Spray-applied foam
  • And more

Acrylic roof coatings should not be applied to:

  • Board sheathing
  • Tongue and groove decking
  • Shingled roofs
  • Most plastics

Contact a salesperson at Roofed Right America to learn more about limitations of acrylic roof coatings, and if your property can accept a fluid applied roofing system.

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Maintenance and Longevity from Milwaukee's Trusted Roofers

White acrylic coatingMinor damage to acrylic roofs can be quickly repaired by cleaning the problem area and painting a few coats of acrylic. More severe damage is only slightly more difficult since it is necessary to first embed reinforcing fabric. Since acrylic roofs typically lose one to two mils of thickness each year by weathering or the equivalent of a full coat every five to ten years, they must be pressure-washed and re-coated every five to ten years to prevent long-term loss of membrane thickness. Determine the minimum number of gallons required for maintenance by dividing the roof area in square feet by 80. If periodic re-coating will be difficult, double the gallons in the initial top coat to significantly prolong the re-coat interval.

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